Kitten Tries To Fight Reflection After Seeing a Mirror for the First Time

You've heard about "being scared of your own shadow," but what about your own reflection?

A kitten got the shock of its life after discovering mirrors for the first time, challenging his furry doppelganger to a fight.

Captioned "The day my kitten discovered mirrors!", user babelhead shared a clip of their pet's mirror misadventure to Reddit's r/StartledCats forum, where it has received 16,000 upvotes since Tuesday, May 31.

In the video, the kitten can be seen minding its own business and sniffing a balled-up sheet, until it spots its reflection in the mirror behind it. Then the tiny terror gets its back up, charging at its double and hopping around in attack mode.

Redditors were on the "real" kitten's side, with ProgNerIte commenting: "How dare that kitten try to imitate your kitten!"

"He threat, he reflect," joked and1984.

ImEverywhereOnReddit wrote: "'Hey, p****, you wanna fight?!"

Although aggressive, the kitten's reaction is an understandable one, as it is believed that cats cannot recognize their own reflections. This belief stems from a famous study by psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr. conducted in 1970, "the red spot test" was used to test the self-awareness of chimps, but has been modified to test a range of species in the decades since.

While under sedation, Gallup used dye to place a red dot on the chimps' foreheads. Researchers then watched to see if the animal reacted to their changed reflection upon waking up. Gallup believed that by touching the red spot, the animal would be showing signs of self-recognition, which the chimps did.

Most animals do not "pass" the mirror test, instead attempting to communicate with or attack their mirror image. However, recent research suggests that horses can also recognize their own reflections, as can dolphins, elephants and magpies. When faced with their reflection, cats most often show signs of hostility, but may also demonstrate indifference or curiosity.

Many users couldn't get enough of the kitten's sideways hop, dubbing it "the crab walk."

DollyDinkle said: "Kitten already has that crab walk down pat."

Enzo_baglioni wrote: "Love those sideways hops! So intimidating and scary."

Emalus commented: "If I live to be 100 I will still laugh at crab-walking kittens!"

Others couldn't get over her "huge" paws.

"Look at [those] huge paws! What a precious angel," wrote Soup-Wizard.

"Love when they have super fuzzy paws that slip around on the floor!" said MetzieJessie.

Sadly, babelhead said their cat no longer does the crab walk. In the comments, they added: "Sadly she doesn't do it anymore but it was amazing while it lasted!"

Babelhead's kitten isn't the only one to go viral for fighting their reflection. A ginger kitten had Twitter in stitches recently with its own daring duel against a mirror.

Newsweek has reached out to babelhead for comment.

Kitten Tries to Fight Reflection in Mirror
A stock photo of a kitten staring at its reflection in the mirror. Redditors couldn't get enough of the kitten's "crab walk" attack on its mirror counterpart. ysbrandcosijn/iStock/Getty Images Plus