Video: Huge Brawl Breaks out at Baseball Game in Venezuela

A brutal brawl broke out during a baseball game in Venezuela, with punches being thrown and missiles raining down from the stands.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday during a game between La Guaira and Caracas in the Venezuelan winter league.

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Footage of the fight showed some players would be as at ease in a boxing ring as they are in a ballpark, with several nonchalantly landing haymakers on their opponents. Punches weren't the only method of assault either, as some of the players kicked out at each other.

Meanwhile, those involved in the fracas appeared to have been pelted with debris and a variety of drinks from fans in the stands.

A video of the incident was posted on Twitter and immediately went viral.

From the footage, the fight appears to be started by Caracas right fielder Felix Perez. Incensed with La Guaira pitcher Jorgan Cavanerio throwing behind him twice during an at-bat, Perez opted to charge the mound.

At that point, both benches cleared and the usual pushing and shoving, which is common across MLB ballparks in similar circumstances, unfolded.

However, things took a drastic turn shortly afterward after Perez threw his helmet at Cavanerio. The Caracas right fielder then fell to the ground, with Cavanerio seemingly kicking him in the chest.

Perez eventually got back to his feet and was swiftly taken away from the scene from his teammates.

Shortly afterward, however, Perez managed to free himself from his teammates and headed straight back into the melee, which by then had escalated into a full-on brawl.

The right fielder was then knocked down again, as Hector Sanchez landed a punch on him. The 29-year-old catcher, who played with the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago White Sox and the San Diego Padres over a six-year spell in the MLB, caught Sanchez right in the chest.

That sparked a new wave of punches, with players and staff from both teams going at each other from every direction, while being pelted with food and drinks from the stands.

Sanchez wasn't the only MLB player involved in the fracas. Chicago White Sox's shortstop Jose Rondon, St Louis Cardinals outfielder Jose Martinez and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Junior Guerra all caught in the melee.

Along with other two players, Perez and Cavanerio were both ejected from the field and the game was suspended for approximately 15 minutes, before eventually resuming and being completed without further incident.