Labrador's Impressive Dance Moves Take Internet by Storm

A video of a dog showing off his wide range of dance moves has gone viral online, surpassing 2.3 million views.

The footage, shared to TikTok on September 22 by an account called Imjaxthelab, begins with a black Labrador standing in a park.

The dog, whose name is Jax, is looking at the camera as text overlaying the video reads: "Dance moves to keep the boys away from you in a club."

The video, which can be watched here, then cuts to a clip of Jax doing "The CPR" dance move which consist of the animal jumping from his hindlegs to his front legs repeatedly.

The motion sees the pet bouncing up and down as though he is administrating cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In the next shot the Labrador is in a hallway neatly trotting backwards, in a move that has been dubbed the "Back the fluff up."

The dog is clearly enjoying himself as he wags his tail with his tongue hanging out.

Jax then performs the "funky cha cha" in a bedroom where he steps from side to side as though practicing the rhythmic Latin American ballroom dance.

Finally, on a carpet the pet showcases the "ladder drills" which is when he takes small steps up and down like he is doing an exercise in a circuits class. The entire video is so impressive.

Captioning the skilled footage, Imjaxthelab wrote: "I've got your back ladies [wink-face emoji] #dogsoftiktok #tippytaps #dogsthatdance #fyp #foryou."

The clip has gained lots of traction online in the 24 hours since it was posted, having surpassed a whopping 589,900 likes.

Nearly 4,000 people have left comments on the video, with many voicing their admiration for the dog's skills.

One TikTok user, Kay SMart, wrote: "Ok the funky Cha Cha was top notch."

Another person, Satans.Step.Daughter, added: "These would definitely not keep me away from this puppy."

Julia typed: "He did not have to hit that CPR so hard and yet he did it to pawfection."

User80473759374534 revealed: "That pup has more rhythm than a lot of people I've seen at the nightclub."

Jax & Jillian suggested: "He should teach those classes where you get CPR certified. I would 100% attend, and go for all of my renewals!"

Jackie gushed: "What a good boy. Don't keep away. Come here please."

Show asked: "Wow give me your dog."

Blankie's Fuzzy commented: "I literally just snorted while enjoying this adorable doggo dance."

Newsweek have reached out to Imjaxthelab for comment.

Labrador puppy
A stock image of a Labrador puppy. On TikTok, a similar-looking dog has gone viral in a video where he looks like he is drumming. Getty Images