Landlord Reveals Horrific Feces-Smeared Apartment Left by Evicted Tenant

A landlord in Oregon has shared the state that an apartment was left in by an evicted tenant, showing walls and floors smeared with feces.

Nunya, who rents out properties in Portland, posted a video to his TikTok account as he went to check on a property.

He captioned the clip: "Don't be like this. Should this tenant get her deposit back?"

The video starts with him unlocking the door and explaining that there was a putrid smell coming from inside.

As the door opens, the source of the odor becomes clear, with feces visible on floors, walls and even door handles.

Narrating the footage, Nunya said: "So, this is a tenant of mine that has been evicted—Section 8." This refers to an affordable housing program for very low-income individuals and families in Oregon.

He went on: "So, this is me checking it out to see what that smell was. And it's very obvious what the smell is coming from. You can see all the feces on the floor from the German shepherd she left in there. That's more on the door knob, disgusting."

The apartment opens out into the kitchen, with nearly every surface covered in trash or decaying food.

Brown smears are visible on the floor, while a tell-tale discoloration can also be seen around the door handle to the bathroom and on the door.

Nunya added: "And that's feces in an ice cube tray. Tell me, should this tenant get their deposit back?"

The clip, which was shared at the end of November and can be seen here, has racked up more than 4.5 million views and over 53,000 comments.

Many TikTokers felt the tenant should not be given back her deposit.

Spook posted: "People like this give Section 8 a really bad representation. My mom died and I had to have it or I would be homeless."

Eaq_217 commented: "This is why Section 8 people have a harder time finding places to live. People like this make it harder for others.

"I hope you understand not every Section 8 person is going to be like this."

Ball Boy Jones thought the woman forfeiting the deposit was not enough, writing: "I would get her for extensive damages! As a landlord, in my lease I have monthly 'maintenance' walk throughs. Been there before."

Another TikToker, Kali_559, called for the tenant to be "banned from Section 8."

However, other commenters pointed out that the condition of the apartment might reflect the state of the woman's mental health.

Marti wrote: "I've heard this called a depression house; this level of mess/unkept because the person is depressed. They're unable to take care of themselves, let alone anything else.

"Not defending them trashing your place. I've seen this before and I was empathetic when I learned the person struggled with mental illness. Someone recently told me that when a person is acting out, not themselves, they're not being difficult, they're injured."

Zee posted: "This is sad. Did they struggle with mental illness?"

Other commenters questioned why the mess had not been picked up in a Section 8 inspection. The landlord pointed out that the woman had only been in the apartment for three months.

Under the Oregon program, very low-income people put 30 percent of their income toward their rent, with the rest covered by federal funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Participants are issued with a "housing choice voucher" and "are able to find their own housing, including single-family homes, townhouses and apartments," according to HUD.

Newsweek has reached out to Nunya for comment.

File photo of dirty bathtub.
File photo of dirty bathtub. A landlord has shared a video revealing the state an evicted tenant left their apartment in. evgeny_pylayev/Getty Images