Large Dog Pulls Owner to the Ground in Order to Fight Pet Pooch in Viral Video

A home security camera captured a chaotic "ruckus" between a trio of women and their two pet dogs, after one got loose.

A resident, named Madison, shared the incredible footage to her TikTok page, Zoloftlover420, last week, where it's already been watched more than 17 million times.

She added a jaunty tune over the video, which shows two women walking quickly down a sidewalk, thought to be in L.A.

The pair walking ahead have a small dog on a leash, while another woman trails behind, walking a bigger dog, which looks similar to a Labrador.

Just as the large, black dog comes into the frame, it lunges at the smaller pooch, pulling its owner to the ground.

As she falls she lets go of the leash, also losing her bag which remains on the sidewalk, as the bigger dog desperately tries to get at its fellow canine.

The other owner lifts their dog up by the leash out of the other's reach, and what ensues is a game of cat-and-mouse, with the fallen owner desperately trying to grab one dog back.

The Labrador-type dog repeatedly jumps up and runs in circles, as the other two women pass the smaller one between them, trying to keep it from the dog's advances.

The small dog is swung around as the women get tangled in various leashes, with one owner even holding the small pooch above the head at one point.

The original owner, after picking herself up off the floor, runs after her dog, following it round in circles as she tries to grab its collar.

She manages to get a grip, but is pulled over again as her pet refuses to heel. In farcical scenes, matching the lively tune, the woman falls over yet again, as one of the other women attempts to get the energetic dog under control.

Madison, 19, captioned the clip "my family heard a ruckus," adding the hashtag "make mom epic," suggesting her mother could be one of the three women involved.

The clip later went viral after being shared more than 150,000 times across Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. One sharer captioned it: "Trust me, the only sane being in this video is the little dog."

People have reacted in shock at the scene, with some saying all three are partly responsible for the chaos.

Twitter user Madeleine Marr wrote: "So much happening on this dog walk."

While @civildiscourse7 thought: "Sadly, once the small dog was picked up, it became a game for the bigger canine."

Darren Upshaw commented: "The whole scene is a complete Hot Mess! Some people shouldn't be allowed to own a dog!"

Jae Chickory wrote: "This is terrifying to me. Both dogs are triggered. One bite to that small dog and they each could pay the ultimate 'price'."

JamieB, thought: "The big dog was not attacking the little dog. He wanted to play with it. The way they picked it up and swung it around inky made it more fun for the lab. Dogs feed off their human's energy. Every human behaved totally wrong here. The dogs were just being dogs."

Newsweek has reached out to Madison for a comment.

Jack Russell Terrier dog and a Doberman
Stock image of a Jack Russell Terrier dog and a Doberman Pinscher. A clip of a "ruckus" between dog owners and their pets is going viral online. alexei_tm/Getty Images