'Demonic' Man-Hating Chihuahua Finally Gets Adopted After Post Goes Viral

A man-hating "demonic" Chihuahua has finally found a forever home, after an adoption post calling him a "vessel for a traumatized Victorian child that now haunts our home" went viral.

Fosterer Tyfanee Fortuna made a last-ditch plea online to re-home the dog, named Prancer, earlier this month, saying it was holding her family "hostage."

After her description of the two-year-old dog blew up, Fortuna revealed on Monday Prancer had finally been adopted, and was now living his "best life" in Connecticut.

In a Facebook post Fortuna, based in New Jersey, said his new owner was "madly in love with him," confirming she was finally free from Prancer's grip after he left last week.

She wrote: "Time flies when you're having fun. Time also flies when the Chihuahua who held your family hostage for 6 months finally gets adopted. Prancer is almost a distant nightmare to me now... I was going to be really embarrassed if I said all those unsavory things and it didn't work out... there would be no coming back from that. You can't call a dog a 13lb rage machine and then write another follow up bio saying 'He's a sweet boy who just needs time to warm up!'

"In closing, we do miss Prancer and he was loved here despite his quirks. I have a lot of experience with toxic men, so it was easy for me to overlook his malicious tendencies and love him anyway. However, being relieved of the constant haunting of a Victorian child has me sleeping easier."

The new owner has set up an Instagram account for Prancer, where she said: "Prancer, known as the demonic Chihuahua, has found his new home and is living his best life. A playful, loyal, companion, he's having a great time."

Fortuna's 700-word essay about Prancer took the internet by storm, after she referred to the pet as the "haunted Victorian child in the body of a small dog that hates men and children."

The now-infamous post, which refers to Prancer as "50% hate and 50% tremble," said: "There's not a very big market for neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins. Prancer only likes women. Nothing else. Every day we live in the grips of the demonic Chihuahua hellscape he has created in our home.

"He hates men more than women do, which says a lot. If you have a husband don't bother applying, unless you hate him. If you have people over he would have to be put away like he's a vacuum. I know finding someone who wants a chucky doll in a dog's body is hard, but I have to try."

Prancer was available via the Second Chance Pet Adoption League, after his previous owner, an elderly woman, "treated him like a human and never socialized him."

The group, based in Morris Plains, New Jersey, is a volunteer-led organization self-described as "small group of animal lovers dedicated to really helping the 'underdog,'" according to the organization's Facebook page.

The site added Prancer was in the running for the title of their "most terrible dog."

Stock photo of a Chihuahua dog
Stock photo of a Chihuahua. A dog named Prancer has finally been adopted after their fosterer's post went viral when they referred to the mutt as 'haunted'. BiancaGrueneberg/Getty iStock