Laughter as Woman Puts on Fancy Dress to Avoid Excess Baggage Fee

A video of a woman at the airport and being forced to wear not one but several party costumes due to an oversized bag has left the internet in stitches.

Content creator Taylor Watson, who uses the TikTok handle taylormakesvideos, shared the video some suspect to have been staged but which has received more than 3.1 million views on the video-sharing app.

Chicken costume and luggage
A stock image of a person wearing a chicken costume, left, and a picture of luggage at an airport, right. A video showing a woman wearing various costumes to avoid an oversized-baggage fee has delighted TikTokers. Jupiterimages/Pongchart/Getty Images

Excess airline baggage fees can add a big bill to your vacation, and in 2021, American Airlines generated roughly $520 million from such charges, while Delta Air Lines took $360 million.

There are two reasons that luggage weight is monitored by airlines, firstly to ensure that luggage can be easily and safely handled by the crew, and secondly to check takeoff weight calculations are correct for a safe journey.

But baggage weight restrictions lead to people finding unusual hacks to avoid fees,and even going to extreme lengths to prove their bag meets requirements.

On the video, the text overlay reads: "This woman has an overweight bag..." as the first frame shows a woman putting on a bright-yellow chicken costume that she has removed from her bag—but it doesn't end there.

She continues emptying her overweight bag, picking out another fluffy costume to put on over the top, and when the bag is still too heavy, she pulls out yet another outfit.

As other passengers watch on in shock, the woman continues to pile on hats, tops, and yet more clothing.


Imagine going through security after 😂🤣

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Despite adding layers to her outfit, the woman in the video still has an oversized bag and takes one last course of action to avoid paying excess fees. While distracting the woman behind the desk, the woman lifts the bag with her foot to trick the weight sensor and goes on her way.

Viewers of the viral video were delighted by the footage. One TikToker wrote: "That's the kind of girl I would marry," while another commented: "I would do this too."

"She's an icon she's a legend and she is the moment," wrote another viewer.

Another TikToker commented: "Ah yes, airplane logic: It's too heavy for the plane to carry but if you pay you can break the laws of physics and make it lighter."

"I don't get it," wrote another viewer: "She's still getting on the plane with all that on anyway."

Others were confused about where the woman would be going with so many costumes.

"Wh...where was she going that she need a chicken, avocado, and bear suit?" asked one viewer, while another commenter wrote: "I'm wondering where she's traveling to that she needs these outfits."

Newsweek has reached out to taylormakesvideos for comment. We were unable to verify the details of this case.