Laura Ingraham Says 'Forces' Are Undermining Parental Rights: 'Hide Your Kids'

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham told her viewers to "hide your kids," warning that some on the left are promoting a "twisted agenda" to undermine parents' rights.

The Ingraham Angle host took issue with laws in some states that allow minors to receive COVID vaccines without their parents' consent. States like Oregon, Rhode Island and Alabama allow some under-18s to get the shot without permission from a parent.

Ingraham also responded to remarks by Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Weingarten said Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn't being taught in schools and accused some legislators of "bullying teachers."

Ingraham said at the start of her show: "But first, hide your kids. That's the focus of tonight's Angle."

"Now, it's often said that the children are our future, and of course, that's exactly why the left wants to take them from parents who don't buy into their twisted agenda.

"Everywhere you look, in a myriad of ways, forces are working overtime to undermine parental rights and their Judeo-Christian values, from teachers' unions to gender activists to Biden's vaccine pushers, we're seeing a concerted effort backed by some of the biggest financial interests out there to indoctrinate our children into a dark mindset of anti-Americanism."

"Now, this new normal requires the undermining of American history, it involves teaching concepts directly at odds with the ideal of a nuclear family," Ingraham said.

"Now, on the COVID issue, government and so-called public health experts are trying to force your kids with an experimental COVID vaccine whether you want them to or not," she went on.

Ingraham criticized states where minors could opt to take the vaccine without their parents' consent. For example, in Alabama 14-year-olds can do so, in Oregon children must be 15 to get the shot without permission and in Rhode Island they must be 16.

"None of these states allow tattoos for those under 18 without parental permission, but they're allowing minors to get an experimental drug?" Ingraham said, referring to COVID vaccines.

"Conversations that are best left between parents and their children are being short-circuited in states like California and New York," she said and referred to a report about a New York private school where a teacher had taught first graders about masturbation. The teacher is no longer with the school.

Later in the monologue, Ingraham showed footage of Randi Weingarten's remarks on CRT. Weingarten said on Tuesday that "cultural warriors" were labelling any discussion of race as CRT to make it "toxic."

"Totalitarian societies depend on propagandizing—and their leaders ruthlessly enforce its dissemination," Ingraham said, and then quoted Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

"We can't afford to give our would-be cultural totalitarians four more weeks with our kids, let alone four more years," she added.

When reached by Newsweek on Friday, the AFT pointed to Weingarten's comments to CNN's Chris Cuomo on Thursday, where she referenced how Fox was covering the issue of CRT.

"What's happening now is that in this push to try to erase what has happened in our history, it is chilling teachers from teaching the fact that we did have slavery. It was uncomfortable. We need to get through it. We need kids to be able to think critically about it and to engage and understand it, and get better as a result of it," Weingarten said.

Newsweek has asked Laura Ingraham for comment.

Ingraham Delivers a Speech at the RNC
Political talk radio host Laura Ingraham delivers a speech on the third day of the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Ingraham has warned people to "hide your kids" from what she called the left's "twisted agenda." Alex Wong/Getty Images