Lavish Bedroom Redecorated for Labrador in Impressive Video

If you were to picture a dog's bed, chances are the mental image would be nothing close to the plush double which is enjoyed by one Labrador on TikTok.

The brown pet, whose name is Ollie, has a bedroom to rival any luxury-loving adult, and it looks incredible.

In footage posted to the social media app by Good.boy.ollie, we can see that the family pet took over his owner's sister's room when she moved out.

The video, which has gone viral with over 17.8 million views, begins with a clip of a girl walking towards a car and waving as she puts her suitcase in the trunk.

Text overlaying the footage, which can be watched here, reads: "My sister is moving out of the country and she really thinks she's keeping her bedroom."

The scene then switches to Ollie jumping up onto the large bed, with the caption: "Let's give Ollie his own bedroom!"

The beautifully-decorated room with pink walls and white furniture has a grey quilted armchair situated in the corner. The pretty pink cushion on top of it is then grabbed by the dog, and swapped for a dark grey one which reads: "Reserved for Ollie."

The camera then cuts to a shot of greeting cards hanging from string across the wall. A pair of hands click and these seamlessly change to bunting depicting Ollie's face wearing party hats, with the caption: "Much better."

Ollie can then be seen dragging a laundry basket out of the room with his mouth as the overlaid text reveals: "I don't need a laundry I need a toy basket."

A light blue basket full of cuddly toys for the pet to enjoy is shown as the replacement as well as drawers of collars, leads and other amenities.

Next, the wall art is changed to a portrait of the dog and a framed page of cursive font, which reads: "Good boy Ollie's Room."

The final shot in the video shows the animal lounging on the bed with pillows of his own face behind him.

The adorable video, which was shared on May 19, is captioned with the words: "Every dog deserves their own room #goodboy #dogsoftiktok #labrador."

The adorable clip has so far been viewed a whopping 17.8 million times and garnered more than 4.2 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the animal's very impressive bedroom.

One TikTok user, CJboombox, wrote: "He is so spoilt and I love it."

Another person called Lol hi added: "Tell me your dog is spoiled without telling me your dog is spoiled."

Another Marvel Fanxo stated: "Not being dramatic but I would do anything for Ollie."

Hello typed: "No no imagine she came back because she didn't want to stay there anymore."

DxrlingMushroom revealed: "And I don't even have my own room."

Crazylittlelottie gushed: "This is the best thing I have ever seen and I'm in love my dog would love this."

User455950911859 joked: "Ollie has more belongings than I do."

Newsweek have contacted Good.boy.ollie for comment.

A chocolate Labrador
A stock image of a chocolate Labrador. On TikTok a similar-looking dog took over the entirety of his owner's sister's bedroom. Getty Images