LeBron James Celebrates Son’s Birthday in Instagram Video as Rumors Swirl Over Cleveland Cavaliers Future

When you’re the offspring of LeBron James, you can expect a better-than-average birthday party.

Bryce Maximus James, the youngest son of the Cleveland Cavaliers small forward, turned 10 on June 14.

On Sunday, James put up a video on Instagram showing the kind of wild time you can have when you’re the son of the world’s best basketball player.

A James birthday party apparently involves mini American football games, basketball, of course, and ice-throwing competitions.

James even got in some training, dunking over a group of kids half his height, if that.

As reports and rumors swirl over James’ future in Cleveland past the summer of 2018, it looks at least like he’s putting any thoughts of the new NBA season and stopping the Golden State Warriors’ juggernaut off for now.