Why LeBron James Teaming with Lonzo Ball at L.A. Lakers Is a Bad Idea

Lonzo Ball is probably going to the Los Angeles Lakers via the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft.

And LeBron James may yet head west to Staples Center in the summer of 2018, when he can opt out of his Cleveland deal.

Lonzo wants James to opt for the Lakers. He said so in an interview Wednesday with ESPN.

"Hey man, LeBron, I like to win and I know you like to win. I think our games could help each other out a lot. Anytime you want the ball, just let me know and it's going to be there," Ball said.

It's undeniable that James likes to win and it's also hard to refute the idea that a cute passer like Ball could form a fairly terrifying combination with him. Add in the other two first-round draft picks that the Lakers have and you have the beginnings of a potential Western Conference powerhouse.

Except Lonzo Ball comes with baggage. Specifically, his daddy LaVar. It was only in March that LaVar claimed his children were better set up for success than James', such is the pressure that the 'King's' achievements bring.

James didn't take too kindly to that. "This is dad to dad. It's a problem now," he said at the time.

The problem is that LaVar isn't going to stop getting involved once Lonzo is drafted, as his GQ interview published this week shows. If anything, LaVar is going to get even louder as Lonzo transitions to being a pro.

Maybe James can cut through the noise and see Lonzo's potential, and the potential for building a dynasty on the west coast.

But at this stage of his career, does a 32-year-old James really want to have to be dealing with an overprotective father every week?

If James has a bad game, it will be James's fault. If Lonzo has a bad game, it's probably going to be James's fault too.

Lonzo can talk all he wants about James wanting to win and he'd be right. But beating the Golden State Warriors to the Western Conference title is going to be hard enough. Doing it with distractions seems nigh on impossible.

Why LeBron James Teaming with Lonzo Ball at L.A. Lakers Is a Bad Idea | Sports