Fans Realize Disney Edited a Scene in 'Lilo & Stitch,' Now Only Found on the Original DVD

Lilo & Stitch is a Disney modern classic—a 2002 movie that spawned sequels and a TV series about the young girl and the lovable blue alien she adopts as a pet.

The Hawaii-set movie introduces the pair along with Lilo's older sister, Nani, who is raising her after their parents died in a car accident.

While all that may sound familiar to Disney fans, one scene they may not remember is a game of hide-and-seek played by Lilo and Nani. The elder sister feigns leaving the room but instead climbs on top of a clothes dryer—and scoops up her sister as she sneaks out of the machine.

You won't find this scene if you watch the movie tonight on Disney+, however. Instead, Lilo hides in a cupboard that has a pizza box for a door.

Disney fan Corinne Is In recently shared a clip showing the original version of the scene on TikTok. Her video, which has amassed more than 4 million views, can be seen here.

She said in her clip: "Someone has clearly been editing Lilo & Stitch, because this is the version of Lilo & Stitch I have, where she clearly hides in a dryer.

"She is not in a cabinet with a pizza box on it. So I think someone's done some clever editing."

After posting the video, she was inundated with comments saying it had been Disney itself that had altered the footage.


It's still a dryer. Someone is using a bogus clip. #liloandstitchscene #why #mandelaeffect 🧐

♬ original sound - Corinne Is In

She has since posted follow-up clips: one showing the updated version of the scene with the cabinet and another showing them both side-by-side.

Sharing the tweaked footage, she said: "So, this is apparently the Disney+ version, which they recreated, I guess, so that kids wouldn't put themselves in clothes dryers. Yeah, apparently this is a thing, guys."

As she compared the two versions, Corinne said: "I am stunned that they went from this to this, because people, I don't know, kids are going into dryers? Are parents not watching their kids?"

Another TikToker, Dude McShredy, shared her footage with the caption: "New vs old."

This clip, posted a few days later, has amassed a whopping 36 million views on the site and can be seen here.

In the comments, Dude McShredy explained: "So to everyone out there that hasn't looked into it, Disney changed to the pizza shortly after the first DVD release."

Although this has not been confirmed by Disney, it has been widely reported over the years that the change was made because of fears that young children would imitate Lilo.

It is thought the original DVD features the dryer and subsequent releases—and streaming platforms—carry the edited version.

Over the years reports about the change have popped up on social media, with one fan sharing their realization to Reddit's "Today I learned" thread in 2013.

"TIL in the UK version of Lilo and Stitch, the scene of Lilo hiding in a clothes dryer was redrawn so that Lilo's hiding in a cupboard with a pizza box for a door to prevent little kids from imitating the act of hiding in a dryer," TwerkOnThatShark wrote.

The change was news to some fans watching Corinne's video, though. Albedo Simp wrote: "The heck you mean cabinet I've never seen her hide in a cabinet it was always the dryer."

Amber Lynn wrote: "Disney plus changed it so that kids wouldn't be climbing in dryers during hide and seek. Safety reasons."

"Oh, now I know why sometimes when I rewatch movies from when I was a kid, I feel like something changed," 50k children posted.

Sylvia.Vaughn842 added: "Initial releases had the dryer, Disney did edit it for later releases cause kids got stuck in dryers."

"That's how you know you're watching the original. Because they had to change it because they didn't want kids trying to hide in dryers," PeakBoat said.

The dryer edit isn't the biggest change the film went through, however. Originally, the climax was meant to show the troupe hijacking a Boeing 747 and flying it through downtown Honolulu. This was overhauled in the wake of 9/11 and they flew a spaceship through mountains instead.

Newsweek has reached out to both TikTokers and Disney for comment.

Lilo and Stitch movie poster and DVD.
The 'Lilo & Stitch' movie poster and the 2002 DVD sleeve. Fans have just realized a scene was changed in the Disney animation. IMBD / Disney