Lincoln Project Ad Mockingly Consoles 'Turd Sandwich' Trump on Being One-Term President

The Lincoln Project, an anti-President Donald Trump conservative group, released their latest campaign advertisement Saturday that sarcastically consoles the president as a "loser" ahead of Tuesday's election in their latest campaign advertisement.

The scathing ad plays clips of countless embarrassing moments from Trump tenure in office and underscores how the president would become the first one-term president since George H.W. Bush was in the White House nearly 30 years ago.

The deeply sarcastic Lincoln Project ad mocks Trump for having a "turd mentality," referencing his botched pronunciation of "herd mentality" during a September TV interview in which he said coronavirus will "go away without a vaccine."

Trump is shown in several clips mistakenly insulting North Korea's Kim Jong Un as "handsome and thin," and performing a jump shot with a roll of paper towels as he stood before Puerto Rican hurricane survivors in 2017.

"It's OK, seriously, we know you did your best. But this whole 'being president' thing isn't for anyone. It's the hardest job in the world," the narrator of the video says as clips show him staring at a solar eclipse alongside first lady Melania Trump. "But don't worry, you've got so many other qualities. Like dancing, kind of—actually forget dancing. But you're great at remembering things."

The ad runs a super-cut of several short clips depicting Trump doing the opposite of the endearing, integrity-laden qualities being described by the narrator. "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV," Trump can be heard saying, as the ad lays out his seemingly eloquent personality traits of having a large vocabulary and being polite.

"It takes a lot of qualities you just don't have: compassion, human decency and basic reading skills," the ad continues, showing him mixing up the pronunciation of Yosemite National Park and the term "Semites," leading many to question if it was an awkward reference to Jewish people.

The Lincoln Project video released Saturday comes as the anti-Trump Republican group garnered attention for Times Square and Mar-a-Lago ads that blasted Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as "out-of-touch" New York socialites. A cascade of clips show the 74-year-old screaming at rallygoers, walking in front of the Queen of England and cutting ahead of European leaders at a summit right after he took office.

Trump's alleged use of a Sharpee to include Alabama into the path of a hurricane and the NBC News B-roll footage of him partying alongside wealthy convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were also included in the Lincoln Project ad.

"Most of America will come to the same conclusion, and sure historians will document you as being a blight on America's presidential legacy. And yes, future generations will refer to you as that turd sandwich that accidentally won an election one time. But hey, at least you're rich. Am I right?"

Newsweek reached out to the Trump campaign and Lincoln Project for additional remarks and reaction Saturday evening.

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The latest anti-Trump Lincoln Project ad mocks him as a one-term president. Screenshot: Lincoln Project