Who Is Lisa Trevor? The Horrific 'Resident Evil' Backstory Explained

New images of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City have been circulating online, with one of the most intriguing stills featuring the horrifying character, Lisa Trevor.

The upcoming film is a hard reboot, meaning that it completely wipes the slate clean and has no continuity whatsoever with the old Milla Jovovich movies. Instead, director Johannes Roberts has promised that Welcome to Raccoon City will adhere more closely to the original source material. It will do this by combining the stories of the first two Resident Evil games into one narrative and by returning to the franchise's horror roots.

IGN recently published an extensive interview with Roberts, and they also debuted a set of images that gave fans their first good look at the project. While the reception to some of the casting and costume elements has been mixed, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is the authentically chilling portrayal of Lisa Trevor.

Lisa Trevor in Welcome to Raccoon City
The image of Lisa Trevor's depiction in "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" is an encouraging sign for fans that the reboot will be embracing its horror roots. Screen Gems

Who Is Lisa Trevor in "Resident Evil"?

Lisa Trevor is a secondary antagonist in the 2002 Gamecube remake of Resident Evil. Although her appearances in that game are relatively few and far between (players will only encounter her on 3 occasions), she made a lasting impression thanks to her disturbing backstory, gruesome visual design, and haunting voice.

The Welcome to Raccoon City image is quite a faithful depiction of how she looks in the game, even if the more overtly monstrous elements have been toned down a little bit. She is garbed in rags, her hands are bound together by wooden handcuffs, her feet are shackled in chains, and she wears severed faces on top of her own. In hindsight, that is probably her most distinctive trait.

In terms of her backstory, Lisa is the daughter of Jessica and George Trevor. The latter was the architect responsible for devising all the intricate puzzles, secret passageways, and booby traps that players had to contend with over the course of their Resident Evil playthrough. After all, he was commissioned by Oswell Spencer to build the creepy mansion in which the majority of the first game takes place.

Under the guise of benevolence, the villainous Spencer instructed George to bring his wife and daughter along while he was busy working on the estate. However, it turns out that Spencer actually had an ulterior motive for inviting the whole family, as he really wanted to use them as subjects for his deranged experiments.

Spencer ordered the capture of Lisa and her mother, Jessica, and then began injecting them with a number of man-made viruses, in an attempt to trigger some kind of bodily mutation. The experiments ultimately took their toll on Lisa, who reacted so intensely to the progenitor strain that she morphed into a disfigured zombie that was impervious to all harm.

Lisa then spent the next few years in captivity, where she gradually became less and less human and her mental faculties began to deteriorate. The one thing that she was able to hold onto was the idea of one day seeing her mother again but, unbeknownst to her, Jessica had not survived the biological experimentations.

Ripping Off People's Faces

Members of staff, disguised as Jessica, were sent in occasionally to placate Lisa, but the creature could always tell the difference and would lash out violently. Before long, she even took to ripping off the faces of those who pretended to be her mother and started to wear them in a ghastly attempt to find closure.

Once Oswell had learned everything he could from Lisa, he ordered that she be terminated, but - by this point in time - she had already mutated too far and could no longer be killed. As a temporary solution, the team locked her away in the catacombs beneath the mansion, where she continued to wander the various corridors in a never-ending search of her mother. It is while exploring these underground passageways that players will come face to face with Lisa.

Much like Lady Dimitrescu in Village or the infamous Mr. X in the Resident Evil 2 remake, she is a persistent stalker who can only be temporarily downed, but never outright killed. The sequences in which she chases you (while letting out bloodcurdling screeches for her mother) are among the most frightening in the entire series and are undisputed highlights of the Gamecube version of Resident Evil.

As such, fans are happy that the character will now be making her cinematic debut (portrayed by contortionist performer Marina Mazepa) because it indicates that Welcome to Raccoon City will indeed be a genuine horror outing and not another action-oriented blockbuster, like the Paul W. S. Anderson films.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City will be released on November 24.

Lisa Trevor in Resident Evil Remake
Lisa's mutated form is concealed beneath the severed faces that she wears over her own. Capcom