Man Wins $16 Million After Finding Old Lottery Ticket in His Wallet

A man has benefited from a double dose of good luck after winning just over $16 million after stumbling upon a lottery ticket he completely forgot he had purchased back in the summer.

According to CTV News Winnipeg, Jerry Knott purchased the winning Lotto Max ticket back in August before completely forgetting about it.

After purchasing the ticket for the draw on August 24 from a vendor in Lac du Bonnet in Manitoba, Canada, Knott stored it away in his wallet for safekeeping.

That was where it remained for the next couple of months until he noticed the ticket earlier this October during a trip to Winnipeg.

Even then, Knott didn't realize the true extent of what he had discovered.

"I saw a two a bunch of zeros and thought, 'Cool I won $20,000,'' he told the news provider.

It was only when he presented it to a cashier at a nearby store and was told he was in possession of the missing ticket that Knott realized he stood to win even more.

"I didn't know what she was talking about until she scanned it again and saw there were a few more zeros than I originally thought," he said.

The numbers 1, 24, 26, 29, 30, 45, and 50 were enough to land him a $20 million windfall, which equates to just over $16 million US dollars.

Knott is planning to share the money with his wife and kids and put some of his newfound wealth towards establishing a treatment center or wilderness experience with his brother.

"We were inspired by all of the big companies that have come up north to build remote fly-in fishing resorts," he said.

"We thought, 'If they can do it without knowing the land, we definitely can too.'"

Knott's good fortune stands in stark contrast to another recent lottery winner, who tragically died just days after winning thousands on a game in the U.S.

Gregory Jarvis, 57, from Michigan, was found drowned on a private beach in the Saginaw Bay in Caseville. Jarvis, who was a regular lottery player, won $45,000 on the Michigan Lottery Club Keno add-on game "The Jack."

Police have since theorized that Jarvis, who was a popular well-liked local, slipped while aboard a boat he owned nearby and ended up hitting his head before ending up in the water.

Elsewhere, another man claiming to be a lottery winner in Spain saw his luck run out after it emerged he had, in fact, found his winning ticket inside a handbag he stole.

The 52-year-old was arrested by local police in Valencia back in May after it emerged he had used his winnings from the ticket to purchase a house.

Canadian lottery winner Jerry Knott.
Canadian lottery winner Jerry Knott - Knott only realized he had won the $20 million jackpot after stumbling upon the two-month old winning ticket in his wallet. Western Canadian lottery Corporation