Super Bowl LV Predictions: 'Madden 21' Sees Kansas City Chiefs Repeat

We're days away from Super Bowl LV and EA Sports' Madden series is back with another prediction for what will happen in the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to EA's Super Bowl prediction, using Madden 21, the Chiefs will win their second straight championship in what looks to be a shootout between two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Kansas City is predicted to win 37-27 according to Madden 21 with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes throwing for 422 yards and four touchdowns on his way to his second straight Super Bowl MVP honor.

Tampa Bay's quarterback, Tom Brady, had a day of his own, throwing for 332 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

Check out the highlights for Madden 21's Super Bowl LV prediction below.

madden 21 tyreek hill super bowl prediction
EA Sports

According to Madden's Super Bowl prediction, Tampa Bay scores first with a field goal in the first quarter but is quickly followed by a touchdown pass from Mahomes to Clyde Edwards-Helaire to go up 7-3 after one.

In the second quarter, things heat up as both Brady and Mahomes trade touchdowns. Brady finds Chris Goodwin for a 24-yard score while Mahomes finds Tyreek Hill for a touchdown of his own. Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succop kicks home another Field Goal to make the score 14-13 Chiefs at the half.

The third quarter is where the Chiefs begin to pull away. Mahomes finds Tyreek Hill for a 63-yard touchdown pass. After Brady answers with a 17-yard touchdown to Mike Evans, Mahomes quickly responds with a score to tight end Travis Kelce to put the defending champions up 28-20 after three quarters.

The final quarter sees Brady find Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown, but Mahomes runs in for his own touchdown from 12 yards out. Kansas City kicks a field goal towards the end of the game to seal the win and the Super Bowl 37-27.


So how accurate is Madden in predicting the Super Bowl winners? EA began using its football game to simulate the Super Bowl starting with the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

They would get that Super Bowl correct and the next three before the New York Giants stunned the then-undefeated New England Patriots in 2008. Madden's track record remains more accurate than not, but it has taken a bit of a hit in recent years.

Madden has only correctly predicted the winner two of the last five years. They did correctly predict Kansas City defeating the 49ers last year, so we'll have to wait and see if this year will be true as well.

Here's a list of every Madden Super Bowl prediction with the actual winner and score (bold is correctly predicted):

2004: Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots vs. Panthers)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 23-20
  • Actual Winner: New England Patriots 32-29

2005: Super Bowl XXXIX (Patriots vs. Eagles)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 47-31
  • Actual Winner: New England Patriots 24-21

2006: Super Bowl XL (Steelers vs. Seahawks)

  • Madden Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 24-19
  • Actual Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10

2007: Super Bowl XLI (Colts vs. Bears)

  • Madden Prediction: Indianapolis Colts 38-27
  • Actual Winner: Indianapolis Colts 29-17

2008: Super Bowl XLII (Patriots vs. Giants)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 38-30
  • Actual Winner: New York Giants 17-14

2009: Super Bowl XLIII (Steelers vs. Cardinals)

  • Madden Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 28-24
  • Actual Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23

2010: Super Bowl XLIV (Saints vs. Colts)

  • Madden Prediction: New Orleans Saints 35-31
  • Actual Winner: New Orleans Saints 31-17

2011: Super Bowl XLV (Steelers vs Packers)

  • Madden Prediction: Pittsburgh Steelers 24-20
  • Actual Winner: Green Bay Packers 31-25

2012: Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots)

  • Madden Prediction: New York Giants 27-24
  • Actual Winner: New York Giants 21-17

2013: Super Bowl XLVII (Ravens vs 49ers)

  • Madden Prediction: Baltimore Ravens 27-24
  • Actual Score: Baltimore Ravens 34-31

2014: Super Bowl XLVIII (Seahawks vs Broncos)

  • Madden Prediction: Denver Broncos 31-28
  • Actual Winner: Seattle Seahawks 43-8

2015: Super Bowl XLIX (Patriots vs Seahawks)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 28-24
  • Actual Winner: New England Patriots 28-24

2016: Super Bowl L (Panthers vs Broncos)

  • Madden Prediction: Carolina Panthers 24-20
  • Actual Winner: Denver Broncos 24-10

2017: Super Bowl LI (Patriots vs Falcons)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 27-24
  • Actual Winner: New England Patriots 34-28

2018: Super Bowl LII (Patriots vs Eagles)

  • Madden Prediction: New England Patriots 24-20
  • Actual Winner: Philadelphia Eagles 41-33

2019: Super Bowl LIII (Rams vs Patriots)

  • Madden Prediction: Los Angeles Rams 30-27
  • Actual Winner: New England Patriots 13-3

2020: Super Bowl LIV (Chiefs vs 49ers)

  • Madden Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 35-31
  • Actual Winner: Kansas City Chiefs 31-20

What do you think of Madden's prediction this year? Let us know your prediction in the comments section.

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