Madison Cawthorn Says 'Genius' Donald Trump Has Become 'Like a Father' to Him

North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn has described Donald Trump as being "like a father" to him and that he frequently comes to the former president for advice on foreign policy.

Speaking to right-wing news site The Daily Caller, the Republican added that he "loves" Trump and that he considers him a "genius."

"Trump is like a father to me, I get to talk to him every single day. He's incredible, he's a genius," Cawthorn told The Daily Caller's Brianna Lyman.

"Being 26 years old obviously I don't have a ridiculous amount of experience with dealing with foreign policy, so if I can just call the former president of the United States and say, 'hey, what would you do in this situation?' and he can tell me exactly what the whole background is to it.

"So I love him. He's been very good to me and he's been so good to our country," Cawthon added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cawthorn said Trump would "sweep" President Joe Biden in the 2024 election should he become the Republican candidate as widely predicted, although he also believes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would do an "incredible job."

"I hope that Donald Trump runs in 2024, becomes president till 2028 and then we give it Ron DeSantis for eight more years," he said,

"That'll be 12 years of strong American First leadership. Imagine where we would be after that. You'd have the flying cars, you have everything you want."

Cawthorn is one of Trump's staunchest allies in Congress and has been criticized for pushing his false election fraud claims.

He is also facing a legal challenge to be disqualified as a congressional candidate over allegations that his speech at the January 6 protests in Washington D.C. amounted to promoting an insurrection.

The legal challenge cites Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states that a person who "engaged in insurrection or rebellion" after taking a Congressional oath shall be barred from running again, and was filed by a group of North Carolina voters with the state's Board of Elections.

Cawthorn, 26, became the youngest member of Congress when he was elected to North Carolina's 11th in 2020. He will be running again in November's midterms in the 13th District under North Carolina's newly approved map.

Cawthorn described the legal challenge against him as "asinine" and that a clause that was created in the wake of the Civil War should not be used for events around January 6.

"I really think it's a little ridiculous," he told The Daily Caller.

"I know that I'm not going to be the only one, I guess I must have been fighting the loudest and the hardest, and that's why they came after me first."

Cawthorn said that while there were people who broke the law on January 6, all he did was "speak at a rally."

During his speech on the morning of the riot, Cawthorn told the crowd of Trump supporters that they still had "some fight in it."

He added: "The Democrats, with all the fraud they have done in this election, the Republicans, hiding and not fighting, they are trying to silence your voice. Make no mistake about it, they do not want you to be heard."

Dismissing the legal challenge filed against him, Cawthorn told The Daily Caller: "Trying to keep me off the ballot for those reasons is one: saying you don't congressman to do his or her constitutional duty, and two, it's trying to say we want to limit your First Amendment civil rights."

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North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R) has described Donald Trump (L) as being "like a father" to him during an interview with The Daily Caller. Win McNamee/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images