Maid-of-Honor Ditching Sister's Wedding Over Groom's Sordid Prank Cheered

A maid-of-honor has been cheered for refusing to be in her sister's wedding, after the groom pulled a sordid prank on her.

The woman shared the crass joke to Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, under username u/panda958, where she asked if she was in the right over her reaction.

The post, which can be read here, was entitled "AITA for no longer being the maid of honour for my sister's wedding after her fiancé humiliated me?" and has amassed more than 10,000 upvotes since being shared on Sunday.

File photo of bridesmaids.
File photo of bridesmaids. A woman has been praised for pulling out of her sister's wedding. pvstory/Getty Images

The maid-of-honor is an important role in any wedding, as website explained: "The maid of honor is in charge of the bachelorette party and bridal shower as well as leading the rest of the bridesmaids throughout the planning process and on the day of the wedding.

"A bride will typically appoint a sister, female relative, or best friend as the maid of honor," the site added, just like in u/panda958's scenario.

The wedding website explained maid-of-honor duties start well before the wedding day, and often include going dress shopping, preparing a speech, taking care of the bouquet and serving as a point of contact in the run up to and on the big day itself.

Crucially it's often the maid-of-honor's duty to mediate conflict within the bridesmaids and guests, as the site explained: "As the maid of honor, you'll be in charge of maintaining peace among the bridal party.

"Let the bridesmaids know they can come to you directly with any questions, comments, or concerns, and then you can jot them down, filter the ones you can answer out, and bring the rest to the bride when she has less on her plate."

But the bride herself ended up begging her sister not to pull out of her wedding, as u/panda958 explained their family had headed out to Italy as part of the pre-wedding celebrations to visit the groom's family.

The Redditor explained the wedding was a family event, with the dad of her future brother-in-law, Nino, being good friends with her father.

As such, both families go way back, as she revealed she had a run in with Nino's cousin, Luca, when they were kids.

She "made an enemy" out of him when they were 9, but assumed their childhood fight was all in the past.

"I haven't seen him since we were children so I thought he would be over it by now but he very clearly wasn't and seemed to hate my guts judging by how he looked at me," she revealed.

Luca is Nino's best man, and as the maid-of-honor, she was keen to clear the air ahead of the wedding, but it proved harder than anticipated.

She said: "I tried to apologise to him multiple times in English but he acted like he couldn't understand and he only ever spoke Italian around me.

My sister is begging me not to drop out of her wedding."

"I asked Nino to translate my apology for me but he told me it would mean more if I said it to him myself in Italian to show that I was genuinely sorry.

"He taught me how to say what I wanted to say but Luca was never alone so I was finding it hard to find a chance to apologise."

After being encouraged by Nino to utter the Italian apology in front of everybody, including Luca, she recounted the mortifying moment she realized what she actually said.

"I said it, and everybody who spoke Italian found it hilarious. I had no idea what was so funny until Luca asked me in English to repeat what I said.

"I tried to apologise in English but he told me to say it in Italian again. After I said it, he stood up and told me to come inside with him and he would f**k my brains out.

"I was angry and embarrassed so I told him to stop being disgusting and he told me that was what I just said to him," she fumed.

After Nino's sordid prank she told her sister she was out the wedding, adding: "Nino found it hilarious, as did everybody else. I yelled at him and so did my sister. I ended up telling them I wouldn't be the maid of honour anymore because the groom was a p***k.

"My sister is begging me not to drop out of her wedding and has told Nino to apologise multiple times but I still don't want to do it or be around Luca and Nino more than necessary."

But her refusal was backed online, as TemptingPenguin369 said: "NTA. This is disgusting. I wonder if OP's and Nino's dad have been told about this. Don't give in to your sister on this."

Paevatar said: "OP is NTA, absolutely. Nico's behavior was petty and mean. Totally unfunny. AH. I don't blame her for not wanting to be MOH now. Among other things, how can she trust N to not pull some other humiliating stunt? If not at the ceremony, possibly at the reception."

Internetperson3000 added: "Nope. BILs joke was beyond the pale. I struggle to understand why her sister would marry him after this."

She later confirmed her sister made Nino apologize, as she added: "My sister told all three of our dads... felt like we were all kids again."

Her parents still want her to be maid-of-honor for her "sister's sake," saying: "My dad wasn't happy about what I said, but Nino's dad was already yelling at him so he was more concerned about trying to convince me not to drop out of the wedding over this."

Newsweek contacted u/panda958 for comment.

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