Majority of California Men Want Gavin Newsom Recalled, Majority of Women Don't: Poll

A new poll has found that a majority of men in the state of California want Governor Gavin Newsom removed from office, while a clear majority of women want him to remain.

A Suffolk University poll conducted between September 6 and 7 was broadly good news for the Democratic incumbent, but showed a stark contrast between self-identified men and women.

Newsom is facing a recall election on September 14 and mail-in voting is already underway in the state, which has long been considered a Democratic stronghold. Forty-six candidates are running as potential replacements if Newsom is removed.

The poll, published on Wednesday, showed that 53 percent of male respondents want Newsom removed from office, while 47 percent want to keep him in power.

The figures are very different among female respondents, with 68 percent saying they opposed recalling Newsom and just 30 percent supporting his removal.

Overall, 57.8 percent of those polled said they wanted to Newsom to remain in office, as opposed to 41 percent who wanted him removed. Just 1.2 percent of respondents were undecided and that figure was reflected in the gender breakdown.

Less than 1 percent of men were undecided on the recall compared to 2 percent of women. The poll was conducted among 232 male respondents and 255 female respondents.

The Suffolk University survey found a similar division among men and women when it came to approval of the job Newsom is doing as governor. His overall approval rating was 51.2 percent, compared to 38 percent disapproval and 10.8 percent undecided.

Among male respondents, just 37 percent approved of the job Newsom is doing, while 51 percent disapproved and 31 percent were undecided. However, 64 percent of women approved of the governor's job performance, against 27 percent who disapproved and 9 percent were undecided.

The poll's overall results are consistent with other recent polling that shows Newsom defeating the September 14 recall and remaining in office. At least 50 percent of voters would have to vote to recall Newsom for him to be removed.

If that happens, Newsom will be succeeded by whichever candidate wins the most votes on the replacement list. A sitting governor can't run as his own replacement.

Conservative radio host Larry Elder, who is running as a Republican, appears to be on track to win the most votes in the contest to replace Newsom, but that will only matter if enough California voters choose to recall Newsom.

While Elder is leading the field of 46 replacement candidates, a YouGov poll published on Wednesday showed that the state's voters prefer Newsom to Elder by a margin of 18 points.

Gavin Newsom Speaks Against the Recall
California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during a No on the Recall campaign event with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris at IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training Center on September 8, 2021, in San Leandro, California. A new poll shows a majority of California men want Newsom recalled but most women do not. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images