Makayla Noble Update As Cheerleader Visits Gym for People With Life-Altering Injuries

Makayla Noble, the high school cheerleader who was paralyzed in a freak accident in 2021, has visited a gym for people with life-altering injuries.

As part of a surprise from her trainer Tim Cook, the 17-year-old Prosper resident visited the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) facility in Carrollton, Texas, on Tuesday, according to an update posted by the family.

"It was incredible and Mak plans to apply to get a spot to start training there in May," the family said in the update.

The foundation was set up by David Vobora, a former NFL linebacker, after meeting retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee.

Vobora opened up his personal gym to Mills and the pair started working out together, adapting to the unique challenges posed by the veteran's injuries.

According to the ATF website, Vobora developed a passion for helping people with life-altering injuries through his training with Mills and engagement with the wider veteran community.

This led to the creation of the foundation, which is 100 percent free of charge and relies on donations.

Makayla Noble was left paralyzed after suffering a severe spinal cord injury on September 20, 2021.

The world-champion cheerleader was practicing for homecoming at a friend's house and tried to do a routine flip but ended up landing on her neck, damaging her C6 vertebra.

Noble was left paralyzed from the chest down and unable to move her hands, and subsequently spent several weeks in hospital.

The teenager later moved to a rehabilitation facility before finally returning home. She is now undergoing various forms of therapy in an effort to regain movement in the affected parts of her body.

Noble's story has garnered widespread attention and thousands of people are tuning in to updates on her recovery and daily life posted to social media.

Doctors initially did not give Noble much of a chance of walking again. But she has made significant progress since her accident and the 17-year-old has said that her goal is to walk across the stage at her high school graduation in the spring of 2023.

"Whether that's with a machine or my family helping me, I have that in my brain and I'm going to do that one way or another. It might look different than everyone else walking across the stage, but I'm going to do it and I have a long way to go, obviously, but it's going to happen," Noble told ABC-affiliate WFAA in an interview.

Makayla Noble
Makayla Noble, the Texas cheerleader who suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Cedarbook Media