Makayla Noble Update As Over $140,000 Raised for Paralyzed Texas Cheerleader

A fundraiser to help support the family of injured Texas cheerleader Makayla Noble had received more than $140,000 in donations as of Thursday morning.

Noble, 16, was injured on September 20 during a cheerleading exercise known as tumbling, which involves movements like flips, twists, and jumps.

A day after her accident, Texas news outlet NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth reported that the teen had suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of her accident and that hundreds had gathered to pray for her.

Just a couple of days after the GoFundMe fundraiser was launched on September 21, people had donated more than $100,000 to support Makayla Noble's family. This has since increased to $140,236 at the time of writing.

One donor wrote: "My daughter is a tumbler and has been an all-star cheerleader. I am a former college cheerleader. Our prayers go out to you."

The fundraiser description, written by organizer Tiffany Smith reads: "Makayla Noble has suffered a spinal cord injury from a freak tumbling accident, and has a long road of recovery ahead. Please show your love and support for the Noble family with a contribution of any amount."

Smith, a family friend, told Newsweek earlier this week: "Medically speaking, Makayla has not been given a chance of walking again. It's still early in the healing process but right now she does not have movement in her hands, and she is paralyzed from the chest down."

She described the support from the local community in North Texas, as well as the global cheer community, as "incredible," adding that the Noble family is "so grateful" for the support.

There have been numerous updates on Makayla Noble's recovery so far, published through the Instagram account of Myriah Noble, a family member.

A week ago Myriah Noble provided an update detailing how Makayla Noble had become "aware of her injuries" and that the family had been presented with a recovery route.

Later updates have included a photo of Makayla Noble smiling in hospital as well as being able to go outside via wheelchair and see her pet cat. Myriah Noble added that the cheerleader had learned how to feed herself.

In a Wednesday September 29 update via Instagram story, Myriah Noble said the cheerleader was having "her best day as far as pain level since the accident and her breathing has improved."

She added: "Thanks again for all your love, prayers and support!"

Myriah Noble said the cheerleader would need to lose her fever, get off of oxygen and be able to take in more calories before she can be relocated to a rehabilitation center.

Updates on the cheerleader's recovery can also be found on the Facebook group Makayla's Fight. The fundraiser can be found here.

Cheerleader pompom
A stock photo shows a cheerleader holding pompoms. Texas cheerleader Makayla Noble was injured during a gymnastics exercise earlier this month. clsgraphics/Getty