Snake Bites Man on Butt as He Sat on Toilet Playing Video Game

A man in Malaysia was left needing medical treatment after a snake bit him on the backside as he sat on the toilet, he has said.

Selayang resident Sabri Tazali, 28, had been sitting on the toilet playing video games on his phone when the snake struck, according to Malaysian newspaper The Star.

Panicking, Tazali stood up to find the snake was holding on to one of his buttocks. He yanked the reptile off and rushed to leave the bathroom, smashing the door in the process.

A python seen at the A.D. Barnes Park in south Miami, Florida, in October, 2005. A snake reportedly bit a man while he was sitting on the toilet. Robert Sullivan/AFP/Getty

The snake that bit Tazali was not venomous, and he was treated with an anti-tetanus shot. The reptile, reportedly a python, was taken away from the property by the local fire and rescue department.

Tazali shared the story on Twitter last weekend, though the incident itself happened in March.

In a tweet, he posted photos of the aftermath including one of the snake curled up by the toilet bowl. He also photographed the snake being captured by fire and rescue teams. It is not clear what happened to the snake afterwards.

Tazali told The Star he was so shaken from the incident that he avoided using the toilet in his home for around two weeks, using the toilet of a local mosque instead. He added: "To be honest, I am still traumatized by the incident."

He also said that he found fragments of the snake's teeth inside one of his buttocks two weeks after the attack, which he supposes were left there because he pulled the snake hard to get it off of him.

It is not unheard of for snakes to travel up toilets through plumbing. In 2016, Geoff Jacobs, a long-time snake catcher at Queensland Wildlife Solutions in Australia, told the BBC that he gets called out to remove at least four or five snakes from toilets each year. He said that snakes that end up in toilets may have been following the trail of prey.

"All over the world rats go down in sewers and the snakes go in there after them," he said.

Earlier in 2022, a snake catcher in Australia was called to remove a snake that had been seen in an office toilet.

Drew Godfrey from the Hervey Bay Snake Catchers company documented the catch in a Facebook post and a YouTube video. The snake can be seen being removed from the toilet and put into a bag. "Thankfully this doesn't happen very often," he told Newsweek at the time.

Godfrey speculated that the snake may have gone into the toilet bowl chasing after a frog.