Man Allegedly Attacked by Palestinian Protesters Told to Stay Inside His Apartment by NYPD

A Jewish man was allegedly attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City on Tuesday, then advised by New York police to stay in his apartment for the rest of the day, Fox News reported.

Frustrated by the police's advice, Snir Dayan told Fox News, "This is my neighborhood. Control the protests. Don't tell me to stay inside like a prisoner because you can't control them. They wanted blood. I could see it in their eyes."

Dayan and his friend Amit Skornik were going out to lunch when they came across a group of pro-Palestinian protesters outside a bagel shop on the Upper East Side.

Dayan had a small Israeli flag tied to the back of his motorcycle, his way of "quietly protesting," he told Fox News. "When we got to our destination, I parked the bike, and I understood that if I left the flag on my motorcycle, there is a very good chance that when I returned I'd have no motorcycle."

When they encountered the group of protesters, which Fox News said numbered close to 500, Dayan recalled Skornik telling him to "put the flag in your helmet, don't start anything." Dayan said that's what he did, but Skornik had spoken to him in Hebrew.

He told Fox News, "Someone with their back to us heard him say it in Hebrew. He immediately looked at us and then went into the crowd. I didn't put too much thought into it, but around 10 seconds later he and another 10 people were charging towards us."

The brawl was caught on camera and posted to Twitter, thanks to Twitter user John Kunza. The video shows punches being thrown and police coming to intervene. According to Dayan, "the protesters didn't really care, they pushed the police and went around them and tried to attack us."

Protesters attack a bagel shop on 3rd Ave and 51st. This bagel shop is right near the UES, walking distance to Park East synagogue and other Jewish institutions.

— Johnny “Facts Matter” Kunza (@johnkunza) May 19, 2021

Dayan said he was the only one arrested in the brawl and was held for less than 30 minutes before an officer drove him home and told him to remain in his apartment for the rest of the day, according to Fox News.

This incident took place two days before Israel and Hamas announced a cease-fire Thursday, which has incited other altercations between protesters in the U.S. recently.

Former Israeli U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon condemned recent anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S.

He told Fox & Friends on Friday, "We can accept criticism, and it is OK to demonstrate if you don't like Israel, if you don't like what we are doing. But to attack Jews and to feed those hate crimes in the streets of New York City and Los Angeles is outrageous."

Newsweek reached out to the New York Police Department for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Demonstrators hold Palestinian and Syrian flags in midtown Manhattan on May 18. Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images