Jewish Man Beaten by Pro-Palestinian Protesters in Times Square Video

A Jewish man was allegedly assaulted by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters in New York City, as demonstrators from both sides clashed following the announcement of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

On Thursday evening, Twitter user @Robertrand77, whose screen name is Rob Bertrand, posted a video to Twitter that appeared to show a man being beaten in Times Square.

The video was then shared by former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who alleged that it showed a group of pro-Palestinian protesters assaulting a Jewish man.

The footage showed a group of people carrying placards and a Palestinian flag assaulting a man lying in the middle of the road in Times Square, New York City.

Hikind captioned the clip: "Jewish man savagely beaten by Palestinian mob in NYC! Look at how shameless they are to commit such brazen violence against innocent people!"

Jewish man savagely beaten by Palestinian mob in NYC!

Look at how shameless they are to commit such brazen violence against innocent people!

Look how silent the damned world is!!

Damn every last one of you who are silent bc the victims are Jews but wouldn’t shut up otherwise!!

— Dov Hikind (@HikindDov) May 21, 2021

The authorities told NBC 4 that the Hate Crime Task Force has launched an investigation into the assault, confirming that it was in relation to the now widely-circulated video. They said that no arrests have yet been made.

Violence between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic political party which has an armed wing of the same name, has escalated over the last two weeks. A ceasefire was agreed on Thursday evening after 11 days of violence.

Pro-Palestinian protesters attended peaceful demonstrations in several US cities over the last 11 days calling for an end to the violence, but some clashed with pro-Israel demonstrators following the announcement of the ceasefire.

Both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protesters arrived at Times Square on Thursday evening following the peace deal announcement, as demonstrators from both sides fought with each other.

Water bottles were thrown at the police and at other protesters, as law enforcement attempted to keep the peace.

The NYPD's Office of the Deputy Commissioner confirmed to Newsweek that there were "multiple arrests" in Times Square following the clashes, but would not give an exact number.

There have also been reports of Jewish people being harassed and attacked on the street over the last week, including several diners who were allegedly attacked by a group carrying Palestinian flags in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday night.

In an incident that was caught on camera, a group waving pro-Palestinian flags approached a restaurant in the Beverly Grove neighborhood and began throwing glass bottles at diners while yelling anti-Jewish profanity.

The authorities in Los Angeles are now investigating Tuesday's incident as a possible hate crime.

A study by the Pew Research Center found that there has been a recent escalation in antisemitic incidents in the U.S., with more than half of Jewish people living in the country feeling less safe than they did five years ago.

Newsweek has contacted Hikind and the New York Police Department for comment.

Pro-Palestinian pro Israel clash Times Square
Pro-Palestinian protesters face off with a group of Israel supporters and police in a violent clash in Times Square on May 20, 2021 in New York City. A Jewish man was allegedly hospitalized after being attacked by a group of pro-Palestinian protesters on Thursday evening. Getty Images/Spencer Platt