Video of Man Asking Female Bartender 'Can I See Your Feet Just Once?' Sparks Concern

A woman has shared unsettling footage online of her being accosted by a male customer with an unusual request during an early morning shift at a bar.

According to the video posted to TikTok by Kayla Elick under the handle chickfillkayyy, the incident occurred at 10 a.m. during a recent shift.

In a follow up comment, Elick said she started filming as she was already feeling uncomfortable and "there was nobody else working at the bar besides me."

The camera stays focused on Elick throughout the encounter with the man involved only audible on the clip. The video can be viewed here.

"Can I see your feet just once?" the man asks. "My what?" Elick responds.

"Your feet," he says again. "My feet?" she says, before showing them her left foot, flashing a look towards the camera a moment later.

At that point, another man interjects to say: "No, those are shoes."

Elick refuses to comply though, telling them "I'm not pulling out my feet," as the clip ends.

Evidently unimpressed with the man's line of questioning, Elick shared the clip of their encounter to TikTok, where it has already racked up more than 2.1 million views.

The encounter left many shocked not only at the inappropriate nature of the conversation but the man's apparent foot fetish.

"He woke up on a mission," impablopicasso commented. "I don't get these feet people," Johnny Boii added. Dee.Kimm felt the clip was reflective of the fact people are "too comfortable these days," while femtobismal asked: "Son, in public?!"

Rasholman expressed concern at the "aggression" of the two men heard on the video while Zroseeeee quipped that the man "needs to pay for all that."

Elick later responded to the multiple comments saying she should have charged him by claiming the man in the video "didn't even pay for his tab."

Newsweek has contacted Elick for comment.

Though it may seem unusual to most, foot fetishism is a growing area of erotic interest. In 2007, a study led by Dr. C Scorolli from the University of Bologna in 2007, found there were 44,722 people enrolled as members on online fetish forums where users had a specific fetishistic and/or paraphilic sexual interest in feet.

Feet accounted for 47 percent of all body part fetishists encountered on the study, with footwear also accounting for 32 percent of all individuals with a preference for objects related to body parts.

On a more general level, however, the clip serves as another example of the kind of harassment women continue to face in their day to day lives.

Incidents of this kind have taken center stage in several recent viral videos. In one clip, a woman was forced to take action after a man continued to pester her during a gym workout.

Another woman was less fortunate when it came to dealing with unwanted attention from a man outside a supermarket, with the rebuffed male eventually opting to retaliate following her rejection by smashing her car door up.

A woman providing drinks as a bar.
Stock image of a female bartender - a video of a woman being asked to show her feet to a customer has ignited an online debate. west/Getty