Man Backed For Refusing to Get Free Concert Tickets for Stepsister

The internet is dragging a woman who demanded free concert tickets from her stepbrother, despite the fact that she doesn't approve of the job which gets him the tickets in the first place.

Posting to Reddit's infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum, u/Unable-Astronaut8984 earned over 8,400 upvotes and 300 comments in nine hours with "[Am I the A**hole] for refusing to give my step-sister to a concert I have free tickets to and tell her to stay home and look after a daughter instead?"

The original poster (OP) explained that his younger brother works as "a stripper, but he's one of the ones that put on those complex shows with pole tricks and those floating hoop things." His brother, 21, is sometimes hired to perform at concerts, and often offers his brother free tickets—at least, to the shows that don't require nudity.

His parents divorced a few years ago, after u/Unable-Astronaut8984, 24, graduated from high school. When his mother remarried, the OP gained three stepsiblings, an 18-year-old stepbrother, and two stepsisters, aged 20 and 24. The stepbrother isn't phased by the OP's brother's job, but the two stepsisters "freaked out, and refused to be around him, especially the older one."

"She has a kid (3m F) and didn't want her to even hear about my brother," u/Unable-Astronaut8984 wrote.

The opportunity for another free show came up, and though the OP says he rarely knows the artists since they're typically smaller shows, he enjoys "the atmosphere" and usually goes, and often invites his stepbrother along. But this time, his stepbrother recognized the artist and was a big fan. His eldest stepsister is also a fan of the unnamed act.

Though OP likes his stepbrother, his stepsisters' reaction to his brother's job has soured his relationship with them. When his eldest stepsister asked for free tickets too, u/Unable-Astronaut8984 declined.

"She got upset and asked why, and I told her that after how she has treated my brother there was no way I was letting her use him to get free stuff," he wrote, saying she called him petty, as she was only trying to look out for her daughter.

"I then told her to stay home and look after her daughter then. She called me a few names before I just stopped responding to her texts," u/Unable-Astronaut8984 wrote.

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The internet is behind a man who denied his stepsister free concert tickets because she doesn't approve of how his brother obtained them. iStock/Getty

When someone's family doesn't approve of their career, it can make for an awkward bind. People in this situation should try to set themselves apart from what their family expects, according to Fast Company—and that this process should start in high school if not college. Though many skills are transferable, if one is locked into studying courses devoted to their family's dreams for them instead of their own, it can lock them out of their ideal position.

Another issue is when the family's wishes are merely assumed rather than outright stated, the outlet says. Sometimes a family is happy that their loved one is living their dreams rather that necessarily going into the family business. But in a case like the OP's brother, where the family's dislike of the job is obvious, Fast Company recommends just accepting that sometimes one's family is disappointed, and that's fine—and it's not on the person who's doing what they want in life.

The denizens of the AITA forum were roundly on u/Unable-Astronaut8984's side.

"Hypocrites gonna hypocrite especially when there is free stuff," u/YeeHawMiMaw wrote. "[Not the A**hole]."

"And the implication that she's 'just looking out for [her] daughter' as if OP's brother is somehow dangerous because he strips is simply disgusting. 'You're not good enough to be around my child, but give me free stuff.' The entitlement is ridiculous," u/MzQueen agreed.

"[Not the A**hole]! You have called the situation completely accurately - she wants to use your brother when it is convenient for her but she doesn't treat him with respect or kindness. That's messed up! She's selfish and neither of you owe her anything," u/greenpassionfruit26 wrote.

"A good friend of mine does some sex work. All the kids in our friend group adore her, and her home is even set up to be child-friendly ... we just don't bring kids over to her place while she's hosting a kinky orgy night. Because it's really not any more complicated than that," u/InannasPocket wrote. "OP is [Not the A**hole], step sister is a judgmental hypocrite."

Newsweek reached out to u/Unable-Astronaut8984 for comment.