Man Baffled to Find Squirrel Gnawing Hole Through His Ceiling

A man was not impressed when a squirrel gnawed through his ceiling after running around his walls for weeks.

The irate tenant shared a clip to Reddit's "wellthatsucks" thread, as he filmed the critter making a hole, right above his computer.

Leotheking300 posted the clip to the forum-based website on Thursday, where it's already received more than 28,000 upvotes.

He films a visible gap in his ceiling, with something fluffy on the other side desperately chewing away, trying to widen the gap. As it gnaws, insulation and debris can be seen falling down into his apartment.

Leo captioned the video: "After a month of complaining about an animal in my walls to my apartment's management it has finally gotten through my ceiling. Right above my work station that I have to be at all day."

In the comment section, the salesman explained he stayed to capture evidence of the squirrel invasion, in an unknown location.

"Without the video nobody would have done anything today so I steeled myself and calmly urinated in my own pants. Showing them this video is the only reason they brought somebody out," he said.

The Redditor theorized that a "storm had agitated it," which is how it got into the building, and he'd been putting up with the squirrel "scraping on my walls while I take calls."

In an update on the site, he wrote: "It's apparently a squirrel, we have a guy out who's trying to get it out of the ceiling and fix up the hole afterwards

"They bolted on a board so the squirrel had a way out, but I still hear him in the walls, this is their idea of fixing the problem."

He linked to a trio of photos, which can be seen here, showing what appears to be a board over the hole in his ceiling, while a series of wooden planks had been erected, stretching from the roof to the ground, supposedly for the squirrel to climb down.

During the month-long ordeal, Leo explained why he didn't go elsewhere, saying: "It's where my work computer is so I don't have much choice lol.

"I like working from home tbh, I can make sure the house is clean on my breaks and I don't have to drive to work, all I do is sell insurance over the phone I hardly need an office space."

But he said he was trying to get a new place, adding: "Apartments are Satan, that is what this experience has taught me."

Numerous people commented on the clip, as ApexWolf77 quipped: "Here's Johhnnny!!"

MayOrMayNotBePie joked: "I'd like to speak with you about your car's extended warranty."

Fuzzytradr commented: "Ronny the Rat here, I'd like to discuss insulation options with your manager."

Phaelox said: "I'm gonna need your wallet and your watch. And your car keys."

Newsweek reached out to Leotheking300 for comment.

File photo of a squirrel on roof.
File photo of a squirrel on a roof. A tenant captured footage of the critter gnawing a hole in his ceiling. leekris/Getty Images