Man Called 'Cleaning Fairy' Accidentally Breaks Into Home, Cleans It

In a now-viral TikTok with almost 1 million views, a New Jersey man named Louis Angelino III tells viewers that he recently accidentally "broke into" and cleaned a stranger's apartment. But thankfully, the owners of the apartment were impressed by his work. Angelino has since dubbed himself the "cleaning fairy," and is even considering creating his own line of merchandise.

According to, Angelino works at a liquor store, but as he states in his TikTok, he cleans friends' houses on the side for extra money. Last month, one of Angelino's friends helped the TikToker secure a new client. The client—one of his friend's coworkers—texted Angelino his address and explained that the key to the apartment would be waiting for him under the mat. From there, things went hilariously wrong.

On the day he was scheduled to clean the apartment, Angelino explains that he pulled up to an apartment that he assumed was the client's. When he approached the front door, he found a key under the mat, so he let himself in and got to work.

He had already cleaned the entire apartment when he finally received a call from the client. He says in his clip that when he picked up the phone, the client asked: "Yo, where are you?" Confused, Angelino responded: "I'm in your living room, waiting for you to walk in. I'm playing with your cat."

At that moment, Angelino realized he was in the wrong apartment: The client didn't have a cat.

"In that moment, I froze," Angelino told "My heart dropped. I was just like, 'Where am I right now? What is going on?'"

According to the publication, as well as a follow-up TikTok posted by Angelino, the intended client left a note for the residents of the apartment that explained the entire situation.

One of the residents, Beth Motzel, reportedly called the client's number, so the client passed the contact information along to Angelino. A screenshot shared by Angelino in a follow-up post shows the two laughed about the mix-up. Motzel even told Angelino that her husband was impressed by his work and said that they'd keep his contact information for the future.

He dubbed himself "the cleaning fairy" and has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to create branded merchandise.

"I posted the video of my reaction to cleaning the wrong apartment on TikTok as a joke!" the fundraiser reads. "And now 571.9K people have watched this video, and because I deemed myself 'The South Jersey Cleaning Fairy,' my followers and fans want t-shirts made!

"I am all brand new to this and I know I need to have money to start this business," the description continues. "Any help that would be offered to me to make Stay Screwy a real brand so I can get these t-shirts made would be amazing and greatly appreciated!"

"Stay Screwy" is the username he uses on TikTok.

In his interview with, Angelino said he was grateful that Motzel and her husband were calm about the situation.

"The cops could have been called, there could have been a lawsuit," he told the publication. "The fact that they were so cool with it was the reward in itself.… I was able to laugh it off and not have to worry about it, and it was a cool story to tell."

Newsweek has reached out to Angelino for further comment. reports that the incident took place in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The property crime rate of the area is roughly 24 per 1,000 residents. According to NeighborhoodScout, this means that there is an "above average" chance of a resident becoming a victim of property crime in Cherry Hill when compared to all other American communities of the same population size. And relative to New Jersey, Cherry Hill's overall crime rate is 88 percent higher than communities of all sizes throughout the state.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first crime of its kind. In 2019, a home intruder in Massachusetts also reportedly broke into and subsequently cleaned a stranger's home. The homeowner told local news at the time: "They scrubbed everything down, did the shower, did the toilet. Nothing has been taken, other than just being rearranged, cleaned, put away and put straight."

The homeowner told police that he thought the break-in could have been an accident, perhaps a cleaning crew went to the wrong house; however, he changed all of the home's locks, just in case.

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In a viral TikTok, a man who cleans houses claims he accidentally broke into a stranger's home thinking it was his client's. Tanya-stock/iStock