Gamer Turns Cupboard Under the Stairs Into Ultimate Man Cave: 'A+'

Whether you view them as a harmless haven of "me time" or a sexist reimagining of the bachelor pad, "man caves" can be divisive.

One Redditor was dubbed "selfish" by fellow users earlier this year after declaring his intention to turn his basement into a man cave—without telling his live-in girlfriend. Another attempted to trick his wife into giving him an entire section of the house for a den of his own.

But there is one man cave we can all get behind. TikToker chloe_97xo's boyfriend turned the cupboard under their stairs into a miniature gaming room, and users couldn't get enough of his creativity.


My bf decided to turn our under stairs cupboard into his new man cave. Can’t believe the difference 🤩 #fyp #fypシ #trending #viral #mancave #lfc

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In a video shared on Wednesday 8 June, Chloe's boyfriend can be seen turning the tiny cupboard into a micro man cave—complete with small desk, gaming chair, string lights and a shelf for his Nintendo Switch console.

The post has received over 160,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments from TikTokers stunned by the transformation.

CanadianKandy said: "Wow this is actually such a perfect place for gaming!!!"

Meowwwwwww wrote: "That's actually a smart use of space."

While user reset gave the room an "A+ for innovation."

Although the man cave had plenty of admirers, the Harry Potter similarities were not lost on people, with ClutchKick92 writing: "You're a gamer, Harry."

"Aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon will definitely not allow this," said boringdoode.

Tyler predicted the series' next best seller: "Harry Potter and the Man Cave under the stairs."

Other users were concerned about the man's computer overheating.

DWB_AVFC said: "as long as there's some kind of ventilation it's a brilliant idea."

To which Chloe confirmed he has the door open while playing.

Usually a spare room, such as an extra bedroom, office or basement, man caves are spaces devoted to a man's "hobby." The term was first used in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, a 1992 self-help book by author John Gray.

Experts are split on whether man caves reinforce gender inequality. Tristan Bridges, assistant sociology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, told The Independent in 2017: "These spaces often play on the cultural notion that men can't really be themselves when women are around." While, Mike Yost, author The Man Cave, told the publication it's a "misconception" that man caves are sexist, referring to these dens as a "healthy hobby."

Newsweek has reached out to chloe_97xo for comment.

Gamer Turns Cupboard Into Man Cave
Left, a stock photo of a set of stairs with a cupboard underneath. Right, a close up of a man's hands using a Playstation controller. TikTok users gave the man an "A+ for innovation" after he turned the cupboard under the stairs into a mini-gaming room. Joel Santos/max-kegfire/iStock/Getty Images Plus