Nintendo Fans Shocked To Discover Where Donkey Kong Was Born: 'No Way'

Nintendo fans have reacted with a mixture of shock and disbelief after an unearthed piece of Donkey Kong trivia shed new light on the character's fictional origins.

Donkey Kong began life as a video game in arcades way back in 1981. Since then, the character has gone on to headline more than 50 games across a variety of consoles, racking up more than 80 million sales in the process.

But despite a legacy stretching back more than 40 years, it would appear that fans are still learning new and surprising things about the video game icon.

It all started when Nintendo fan website Supper Mario Broth shared a screenshot to Twitter of a quiz from an officially licensed 2002 Burger King and Nintendo activity book.

The question read: "Where was Donkey Kong born?" with the three possible answers listed as the U.S., U.K. and Mexico.

What few expected to find, however, was that the answer would be listed as the U.K. with the quiz explaining: "Donkey Kong was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives on Donkey Kong Island."

The discovery soon went viral with Supper Mario Broth's tweet racking up close to 40,000 likes and nearly 4,000 retweets.

Of course, not everyone was happy with the news.

One Twitter user, posting as a_twitcher, said: "DK is definitely American. He fought Mario, who's from Brooklyn, in New York."

Elsewhere, user Anarchopup's shock was palpable in his response which read simply: "HES BRITISH???????????" while MisterSheeple replied: "No way."

Twitter user YataZenmade an all-too-predictable joke, writing: "that can't be right, he has good looking teeth!!" with Sam Zilberstein dusting off his very best attempt at an English accent, albeit in text form, commenting: ""Oi mate, what 'appened to me bananas? This is mental innit.'"

For others like RoyalWii, there were bigger implications. "So Donkey Kong moved to a new island and named it after himself?" they said. "I never thought I'd find out that Donkey Kong is a colonizer."

SusieUndertale, meanwhile, wasn't buying it. "Impossible," she wrote."I have never once seen Donkey Kong drink tea" to which RedHandofDeath replied: "Why do you think he was exiled?"

Gregorious_Daneli, even warned the discovery could have worrying implications for the upcoming Donkey Kong film."Seth Rogen British accent in the coming movie," they wrote. "Truly, this is the darkest timeline."

For others, the discovery proved a source of much meme-based amusement.

Despite Supper Mario Broth providing a link to the full quiz for further verification, some remained in complete denial.

AnoneySnufftan said: "Trivia question answers should NEVER be the source of 'facts', because that means they just made something up specifically for the quiz instead of actually testing knowledge of what is already established."

Yet these claims were shot down by multiple Twitter users who found the likely explanation behind Donkey Kong's British heritage.

One such user, marcmaster explained that the game was "'created' by Rare [a video game company] in the U.K., so, I think it could count." MenaceInc concurred, writing: "The Donkey Kong we know now was created by Rare in Twycross, England."

While Rare had no role in the making of the original 1981 Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, they did develop 1994's Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Regarded as arguably the best game in the entire franchise and the one responsible for reigniting interest in the character, the quiz featured in the viral post does appear to have been published around the time of the game's release.

Newsweek has reached out to Supper Mario Broth for comment.

Video game icon Donkey Kong.
An unearthed piece of trivia concerning Nintendo gaming favorite Donkey Kong has sparked debate and fury among fans., Stefanie Keenan/Gety