Man Confronts Woman Who Allegedly Called Him a Racial Slur in Video Viewed 3M Times

A confrontational video is making its rounds on TikTok, racking up 3 million views since it was posted earlier this week. In it, musician JAMALY (known on the app as @darkskindrizzy) confronts and demands an apology from a white woman who he alleges called him a racial slur.

The incident is just one recent example of what's become a widespread internet phenomenon over the past year, in which white people—often women—are captured on camera threatening or otherwise targeting Black individuals with hate speech, racial slurs, and/or unnecessary police intervention.

JAMALY's video begins after the alleged altercation, with the musician following the woman into a Brooklyn pizza shop. On-screen captioning provided viewers with relevant context: "I was just minding my business walking home and this white lady called me the [n-word] and told me to go back to Africa."

Walking into the restaurant, JAMALY calmly confronts the woman, questioning her use of the racial slur. In response, the woman yells: "I'm upset!"

"Leave me alone! I'm not feeling good," she shouts at him. "Please leave me alone," she repeats, this time pointing a finger at him. She begins to walk away from the TikToker while yelling, "Oh my god!" In response, he asks her: "Now you're scared, right?"

JAMALY then corners the woman after she apparently tells the restaurant's management that the situation is "not fair." Getting increasingly angry, the TikToker asks her: "Ready to die?"

"No! Please leave me alone!" she yells in response, before adding: "I can't breathe!"

Finally, JAMALY asks her: "Who's the [n-word] now?"

"Nobody!" she shouts in response.

"Nobody, right?" reiterates the TikToker. "Yes," she says.

The video concludes with him demanding an apology for her alleged use of the racist slur. "Say 'I'm sorry,'" he shouts. She concedes, replying: "I'm sorry."

The video has reached a massive audience on TikTok, amassing 514,000 likes and over 25,000 comments. Many applauded JAMALY for standing up to the woman, arguing that his reaction was warranted given her alleged use of the deeply racist, derogatory slur.

"This type of disrespect will no longer be tolerated," wrote one commenter. "Take heed!"

Others called the clip "cathartic" and "satisfying."

Many more pointed out the irony of the woman saying, "I can't breathe," a phrase used by the Black Lives Matter movement and originating from the last words of Eric Garner.

Some, however, felt that the TikToker's harsh response to the woman still wasn't justified, arguing that both parties were "in the wrong."

Newsweek reached out to JAMALY for comment.

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In a now-viral video, a TikToker confronts a woman after she allegedly called him a racial slur. Pedestrians walking on a street in Brooklyn, NY, 2021. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images