Man Divides Opinion After Pulling Gun on Random Door Knocker at 3AM

A man who aimed a firearm at a woman after she turned up on his doorstep asking for help has posted a video of the incident online while urging others to "practice your second amendment."

The man, who has been posting videos on TikTok under the username beardedtokolosh3, drew criticism over his response to the woman on the clip.

Footage of the confrontation has now been viewed more than 11.6 million times and can be watched here:

In the video, which is captioned on-screen "3:50 AM..... You picked the wrong house lady!" A camera mounted to the side of the man's front door captures a woman loitering on the porch outside his house.

"This lady walks up to my door, she doesn't ring the bell, she doesn't even knock," an accompanying voice-over explains.

"She fakes like she's knocking but my camera notified me there's a person at the door."

Beardedtokolosh3 claimed on the clip that her behavior was consistent with that of a robbery.

"Some of you guys have seen people do this before or you've heard about it," the voiceover states. "They act like they are in trouble or distressed and then they try and get in your house for a home invasion."

Evidently fearing for his safety, the man then decided to take action. "I grabbed my second amendment and look what happened," the voiceover says. The man is heard coming to the door, at which point he asks: "What do you want?"

"Oh, hi," the woman responds, sheepishly. "What the f*** do you want, it's 3:30 in the morning," he says. At that point, she can be heard asking to use his phone before being cut off mid-sentence by the unmistakable sound of a gun being loaded.

"Get the f*** away," the man says, with the woman replying "okay" before quickly dashing off. The man ends the video by urging followers to "practice your second amendment" should they find themselves facing similar problems.

Second amendment rights and, specifically, the right to bear arms remain a source of much debate in the U.S. According to the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of adults live in a household with a gun, with 30 percent saying they personally own one.

Personal protection was also cited as the top reason for owning a firearm by 63 percent of those polled in a 2019 Gallup survey on the topic. Though a Pew Research Center study found that 48 percent of Americans saw gun violence as a big problem, the Supreme Court is actually considering relaxing some current gun control laws.

Given this backdrop, Beardedtokolosh3's actions, perhaps unsurprisingly, proved divisive. There were some on TikTok who were highly critical of his approach.

Tollxdo commented: "That was a little much, sure practice your 2nd amendment but I mean, c'mon." Adreu agreed: "You're just a paranoid dude, you don't know the girl's situation at the time.You're assuming! Paranoid scared little boy."

Buckeyes_lil suggested: "Next time just call 911 and help the chick instead of pulling a gun. Calling the cops could have saved her and you don't even have to open the door."

Yet, by contrast, many felt the man had been justified in brandishing his gun.

Candic Snow Palmer said: "If she actually needed help she woulda actually knocked." User1038392022 added: "His job is to protect his family, not her."

Shelley Bellee, meanwhile, commented: "This woman did not look like she was in trouble at all. She was up to something." Icy Wyatt also claimed: "This is a very common home invasion scheme."

Responding in a follow-up video, Beardedtokolosh3 said he did call the police but they arrived "an hour later."

"My 12 gauge is always better than 911," he added.

In a further video responding to the criticism, he also highlighted several recent home invasions reported in the news which started with a lone woman knocking on a homeowner's door before the residence was stormed by four other armed robbers. That clip can be seen here:

Newsweek has contacted Beardedtokolosh3 for comment.

Earlier this week a man in California was shot and killed by a homeowner in an alleged home invasion involving six intruders. The man was 31.

A man pointing a gun outside.
Stock image of a man pointing a gun at a door - a man has courted controversy after sharing a video of himself warding off a late night visitor with a firearm. victorass88/Getty