Man Feeds Pizza to 'Stranded' Squirrel and Raccoon Living Together on a River

A fisherman came across an unusual sight after he found a raccoon and squirrel on a channel marker in the middle of a river.

Luke McFadden, who is the captain of the FV Southern Girl, filmed the unlikely pair after he came across them while fishing.

McFadden, thought to be 25, shared the a clip of the duo to his TikTok page, as he decided to help them out—by buying them pizza.

"Alright I really don't know what it is about me and finding animals in places where they don't belong. But I was going out fishing the other day and I saw a squirrel on a piling. Yeah that's channel marker number 11 in the Bodkin," he said in the clip, referring to the vast Bodkin Creek, in Maryland. It is located in Anne Arundel County, near the confluence of the Patapsco River and the Chesapeake Bay.

McFadden, who describes himself as a "first generation Chesapeake Bay waterman," continued: "And upon further inspection, there was a racoon. Yeah I'm talking a straight trash panda. Living it up on this piling, with his buddy the squirrel. How they got there, I don't know. Why they're there, no idea. I don't think they were quarantining for Covid. Because they did not seem pleased to be there.

"I was like, y'know what, I bet my boys are hungry. So I went and got my boy the squirrel some peanut crunch. 7-11, got my man the raccoon a piece of pizza. Loaded that stuff up on the boat and I got my Uber Eats on.

"I know what you're thinking, that raccoons typically prefer cigarettes and Oreos but a piece of pizza, that's a pretty good compromise. I mean that's better than starving. I suspect this was some kind of hangover-level situation, where they just went out partying. But I'll keep checking up on them and update you guys on how they're doing."

The clip, captioned "I can't even make this stuff up!" has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times.

Numerous people commented on the video, shaming McFadden for not helping the creatures.

"They might be stuck you should relocate them on shore see if they have drinking water if that's all salt water around them not sure," Shawn wrote.

Holly37 wrote: "Call someone to relocate them. They gonna die there with no food and water."

While Adrien Soloway891 snapped: "No kidding why are you making a spectacle of animals suffering marooned without water, and you think it's fun just to get likes on social media."

And KB-Treasure and Adventures added: "Or maybe just call a rehabber / animal control so they are not stranded . . . instead of giving them pizza."

In the end McFadden was forced to defend himself in the comments, posting multiple times: "I can't climb the pole there's a protected bird nest. I called DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and they are aware. There's not much more I can do."

After the clip garnered so much attention, McFadden shared an update on the furry friends a few hours ago on Tuesday.

He said: "This is my apology video for not attempting to climb the pole with two federally protected birds with a nest with babies in it to try to bare-handedly wrestle a wild raccoon and squirrel into my boat and take them back to shore and release them back into the wild, like some kind of Disney movie."

McFadden added "screw you guys," referring to the trolls, as he continued: "Obviously you guys have no idea how nature works, those animals are fine I went back the next day with more food and water even though apparently the worst thing in the world to do is to feed wild animals.

"And they were gone. They probably just swam off. And of course I called DNR as soon as I found them, they told me let nature take its course. And there was nothing they were going to do about it."

An on-screen caption on the clip said: "DNR said they frequently find animals swimming to and from channel markers."

At the end of the clip he filmed the channel marker again, saying: "Look see they're not there. And no the ospreys didn't eat them, they only eat fish, not raccoons and squirrels."

Newsweek reached out to McFadden for comment.

Stock image of a squirrel and raccoon.
Stock image of a squirrel and raccoon. A fisherman, named Luke McFadden, fed pizza to the two animals he found at the top of a channel marker in the Bodkin Creek. mirceax/Getty Images