Man Gatecrashes Live Broadcast Outside Queen's Castle to Advertise Business

A video appearing to show a man gatecrashing a live television broadcast outside Windsor Castle to promote a painting and decorating business has gone viral.

Footage of the unknown man showing his back to the camera while a reporter from ITV in the U.K. conducted an interview with a member of the public outside Queen Elizabeth II's former residence was shared to TikTok by skyhighbribri.

At the time of writing the clip had been watched over 5.2 million times, with viewers divided over the man's attempts at free promotion. The footage was filmed as thousands descended on Windsor to pay their respects to the long-standing British monarch.

Though King Charles III's proclamation dominated much of the news coverage, the scenes witnessed at Windsor where Prince William and Prince Harry, along with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, united to thank well-wishers who had gathered at the castle on Saturday also attracted headlines.

While many of the weekend's events tugged at the heartstrings, the viral clip of the unknown gatecrasher attempting a cheeky plug for a local business drew a very different reaction. Watch it here.

In the viral clip, which was filmed from a television screen, a man in a white/gray baseball cap and blue gilet appeared on the left-hand side of the screen during an interview with another well-wisher.

The man in the cap seemed eager to remain anonymous, keeping his head bowed down and being careful not to look in the direction of the camera. Positioning himself on the shoulder of the interviewee, it soon became apparent that there was seemingly a purpose to his appearance.

On the back of his blue gilet in clear white writing appeared the words: "George Bryant", "Painting & decorating" and "interior exterior" along with a phone number. Once in position, the man remained perfectly still, giving the business's information several uninterrupted seconds of screen time during a national TV broadcast.

Newsweek has contacted George Bryant Painting & Decorating for comment on the viral clip, but as one viewer noted, when you call the number it "just goes to voice message."

Whether intended or not, the apparent plug appears to have generated plenty of interest in Bryant's business on social media.

Commenting on the TikTok video, Bobby'O praised the man for adhering to the mantra of "Work smarter not harder." The account for StoneAge Pressure Cleaning was equalling impressed, writing: "A round of applause for that man."

Another user, posting as __that_gorl__ said: "Man's got bills to pay and a business to run" while Summaya Safaa wrote: "That guy is going places!! Good for him, free publicity."

Not everyone was quite so impressed though.

Ross Rodgerson felt it was "wrong place, wrong time," while Kevin Tuck warned: "He's definitely gonna have to change that number once the internet gets hold of it properly."

For the most part, however, the quick-thinking man's actions were applauded.

MrQuickFlipz called him a "marketing genius," with others like Kadie CJ commenting: "That's very clever."

Newsweek has contacted skyhighbribri for comment.

A crowd outside Windsor Castle.
The crowd outside Windsor Castle. Footage appearing to show a man deliberately trying to promote a local business on camera has gone viral. Richard Heathcote/Getty