Man's 'Gross' Message to Girlfriend Over Hair Left in Shower Sparks Anger

A man found a uniquely disgusting way to highlight his girlfriend's habit of leaving her shower plug hole clogged up with hair.

To further emphasize his point, he then shared a picture of his handiwork to social media. The resulting image sparked fury online, with the internet divided on whether he was right to air his partner's dirty laundry in public

When it comes to relationships, sometimes the little annoyances can add up to a lot. What might start out as an unusual quirk or mild irritant can, over time, become something of an escalating frustration.

A recent survey published by Wedding Ideas Magazine, which was commissioned by family law firm Brookman Solicitors, saw married couples quizzed on their other half's most annoying habits.

Among the top responses were failing to do chores and poor hygiene. For some, being neat and tidy is something of a deal breaker.

While it doesn't look like the man posting to Reddit as Ketchuppacket is planning on breaking things off with his girlfriend anytime soon, he was definitely unhappy about finding her shower clogged up with hair, and decided to take action.

Picking up several strands of the wet hair, he proceeded to artfully arrange the follicles on his girlfriend's bathroom wall to make the word "gross" along with a love heart, seemingly to show he's not mad, just disappointed.

He then photographed the resulting image and shared it to social media, where it has racked up 33,000 upvotes and over 1,300 comments, and it can be viewed here.

The responses were a mix of disgust and anger from both sides with many siding with the man over his girlfriend's habits, and others more angered he would react in this way.

PenguinReloaded commented: "After each shower, I wipe all hair out of the drain. Why the heck would you just leave it there?? That's gross and inconsiderate."

Shinneui was similarly shocked, writing:" Do they not clean the shower at all? How would you clean it without removing all the hair? I'm not a clean freak by any stretch, but I rinse the shower every time I wash my hair so it would not stick around."

Biological-entity, meanwhile, warned: "Just wait till she's your wife and you have to swipe the drain with your foot every time you shower to get the hair off."

Others, like delinka, were critical of the man for creating the post rather than dealing with the problem, writing: "You can draw on the wall with it, or you can deal with the clogged pipes."

Radiant_Ad935 thought he "should have just thrown it away" adding that "passive aggressive behavior won't work in a relationship."

Plenty more sided with the woman too.

Genavelle felt it was an overreaction, writing: " I've never understood why people get so grossed out about it? It's just hair, and it's probably clean if they were shampooing when it came out."

Many felt he was also wrong to critique her apartment in this way. "It's her home," dontpushyourluck said. "No one's allowed to criticize MY lifestyle."

Odee335 concurred, commenting: "Sorry she didn't leave her house exactly to your liking when you decided to use her shower instead of your own."

Newsweek has contacted Ketchuppacket for comment.

Hair in the drain and a couple.
Stock images of hair in a plug hole and a couple arguing in a bathroom - a man's disgusting note to his girlfriend has sparked discussion online. BackyardProduction / Jupiterimages/Getty