Man Starts Group Chat With Entire Airplane Much to Their Annoyance

For those of us that do not have a fear of flying, an airplane can be a rather dull place to be.

Confined to a seat with little legroom, we either pass the time by reading, staring out the window, watching a film or, on rare occasions, chatting to the person next to us.

However, American Airlines passenger Michael Tiano decided to make his recent flight a very social affair—by starting a group chat with everyone on board.

Using the screen in front of him, he used the in-flight chat feature, adding every seat number on the plane.

His hilarious initiative was shared to TikTok on February 19. The video begins with a shot of the packed flight, accompanied by text which reads: "Get on a plane and make a groupchat with the whole plane."

He then films his fingers scrolling on the screen which shows messages from passengers including "Leave me alone," "wwhere are tthe drinks" and "I'm over American Airlines lol."

A few people did say "hi," but largely Tiano's idea was poorly received. He captioned the video, writing: "These people have had enough..."

The humorous clip has gone viral, having been viewed 1.8 million times and garnering over 217,000 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the footage.

One TikTok user, Daison Clemens, wrote: "This brings me back to the group chats on Nintendo DS back in middle school. The would kick me off if I did this lmao."

Another person, ssydneyreedd, typed: "I would totally do this but die inside if the person next to me tried to talk to me in person lmao."

Mcdietsch, added: "I do this whenever they have these. People don't seem too much into it. Lol."

While leo&dora, commented: "'where are the drinks' that would be me for sure!"

Another social media user called Alex, exclaimed: "Wow looks like I'm flying American Airlines next time this is dope."

This flight was relatively uneventful in comparison to what went on aboard a recent Delta flight, where a woman gave birth to a surprise baby.

The unbelievable scene took place above the Pacific Ocean on a journey from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Hawaii, and was captured by TikTok user Julia Hansen in a video posted April 29.

Posting footage to the social media app, Hansen says: "A baby was just born on this plane."

After the announcement of the news, the whole plane then begins clapping, before the new mom is assisted down the aisle in a wheelchair as the infant can be heard crying.

The video has since been viewed 15.8 million times, and many have wondered how the heavily pregnant woman had been allowed to board the flight in the first place.

To answer this question Hansen made a follow-up video, explaining: "She had no idea she was pregnant, she actually had no idea."

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A stock image of an airplane cabin. In the viral video a passenger started a group chat with everyone on board. Getty Images