Man Hides Under Bride's Wedding Dress to Help Her Walk Amid Strong Wind

A man in the Philippines went to unusual lengths to make sure a bride's big wedding day went smoothly.

According to a video shared on the YouTube channel of wedding planner Roel Lunesa from Bro's Bridal Gowns and Events, Lunesa popped out from underneath the bride's wedding gown where he was allegedly positioned to help her walk down the aisle.

Speaking to Newsweek, Lunesa said: "This was really [what] happened" on the day of his client's wedding, which took place on June 6 at the Louie Beach Resort in Pinamungajan in the Filipino province of Cebu.

"The reason why I am underneath the gown is because of strong wind" that was making it difficult for the bride to walk down the aisle, Lunesa said.

She kept stepping on her dress "when she tried to walk due to the weather," he added.

In the video, the bride is seen adjusting her wedding gown as she pauses around the midpoint of the aisle to be joined by her parents. They briefly walk with her before the groom approaches to take her down the rest of the aisle.

As the bride and groom continued down the aisle, the puffy bottom half of the gown appeared to adjust itself accordingly, being puffed out from the inside as the bride walked along.

When the couple reached the end of the aisle, a man suddenly popped out from under the bride's dress. Lifting the bottom portion of the dress as if it were a curtain, a masked man is seen exiting the dress and casually disappearing into a group of spectators on the right side of the bride.

The creative solution to the bride's unexpected struggle with walking that day was "unplanned" and suggested by Lunesa. He said the bride, who wore another garment just under the wedding dress, allowed him to crouch just under the gown to assist her down the aisle.

Apart from a man and a child who appeared to give Lunesa a glance as he went into the crowd, other onlookers at the wedding seemed none the wiser.

In other wedding surprises this month, in an unexpected turn of events, a man in India married his bride's sister after his bride collapsed and died at the altar.

The bride complained of "uneasiness," and then collapsed during the wedding rituals. The family rushed her to a medical facility, but she was pronounced dead on arrival. She reportedly died of a heart attack.

The groom later asked the deceased bride's parents for their other daughter's hand in marriage. Shockingly, the parents agreed and the wedding took place while the bride's dead body lay in another room.

Earlier this month Caila Quinn, who was previously a contestant on The Bachelor in 2017, shared footage from her wedding, which included a musical surprise for both her guests and husband.

In a TikTok post sharing the video, the bride wrote: "Surprised the groom & all of our guests with a flash mob #Broadway singing performance during our #weddingceremony ! #weddingceremonysurprise #bride."

The video was shared on June 1 and received more than 595,800 views, and surpassed 50,200 likes at the time of reporting.

A wedding in the Philippines in 2007.
Filipino newlyweds seen on their wedding day in April 2007, dancing in the street outside the bride's house in the Masbate island province in central Philippines. A wedding planner allegedly hid under a bride's dress at a wedding in the Filipino province of Cebu to help the bride walk down the aisle amid strong winds. Romeo Gacad/AFP via Getty Images