Man on High Alert After Finding 'Creepy' Skulls While Hiking in the Woods

A man has shared an unusual discovery on the trail he walks daily, where someone has decorated nearby trees with skulls.

In a post on Reddit's popular r/Weird forum, user u/Educational-Train-15—real name is Cole—shared pictures of the unusual find.

Cole and Dana Kempf became friends after the COVID pandemic meant they were both laid off from their jobs. The pair began exploring their nearby area in British Columbia, Canada.

"We nearly walked this trail everyday together during that time, discussing our lives etc," Cole told Newsweek. "He and I found the skulls hanging up in the Yellow Point Park trail one day in October 2021."

Skulls in trees
Pictures of the skulls seen in trees at the British Columbia national park. Yellow Point Park is an ecological reserve with a series of loop walking trails enjoyed by many. Dana Kempf

A nature reserve on the coast of British Columbia, Yellow Point Park is an ecological reserve with a series of loop walking trails enjoyed by many.

The trail the Redditor and his friend frequently take is around halfway between Vancouver Island and Alaska.

"When we both noticed the skulls we both kinda laughed but we were secretly scanning the area for the rest of the day," said Cole. "We assumed it's some eccentric artist of some sort—but we had no intentions of touching them."

Finding a series of deer skulls that Cole recalled are not much bigger than his hand, he explained how the find was even more incredible as they are often on this stretch of the trail alone.

"We tend to get this certain stretch of the park to ourselves as it's a fairly large slot of land, hence why we enjoyed it so much," said Cole.

He has been walking the trail every day for years and said that the skull addition made it even more special.

The pandemic changed lots of habits, from the way people manage money to brand loyalty. But while some people like Cole found new activities, many people are still struggling to return to their pre-pandemic fitness levels.

Yellow Point Park
The trail in Yellow Point Park, British Columbia, Canada. It's an ecological reserve with a series of loop walking trails enjoyed by many. Dana Kempf

A study of 2,000 adults revealed nearly seven in 10 in the U.S. abandoned their fitness routines during the pandemic. While 88 percent said that they were determined to return to their pre-pandemic fitness levels, getting back in shape has proven more difficult as a result of injuries or set backs from all the time being inactive.

The beautiful pictures of the skulls and surrounding area captured attention online, and users shared their reactions.

"You haven't seen any horror movies have you," said one commenter, while another said: "What in the silent hill."

Other comments were in awe of the incredible surroundings and unusual find. One even said: "I'm very jealous right now."

While another Redditor wrote: "Pretty cool I have to say." Another agreed: "Some might find it creepy, but I like it."