Man Backed for Kicking Out Sister and Nephew Over Jibes About His Dead Wife

A man has received widespread support online after deciding to kick his sister and nephew out over cruel comments about his dead wife.

The dad of three, who has sons aged 10, 7 and 3, explained he tragically lost his wife last year to ovarian cancer in a Reddit post under the username JuanitaaRodriguez.

As they grieved, the man's sister and her 9-year-old son moved in with them temporarily, after she got divorced six months ago.

But despite being close in age, the dad said: "My nephew and my 10yro are not the best of friends, but so far they got along fine apart from some teasing from both sides.

File photo of a kid's drawing.
File photo of a kid's drawing. A man has been praised for kicking his sister and her son over cruel barbs made about his dead wife. Zhanna Danilova/Getty Images

"A few weeks ago my 10yro started telling me that his cousin was bullying him and being mean to him.

"He called him names, pushed him around, took his video games etc. I talked to my sister many times and told her to talk to her son, we talked to the boys together and things settled down."

Things took a turn for the worst at an important family gathering—the first of his sons' birthdays since his wife passed away.

The 35-year-old continued: "Yesterday was my 3yro's birthday, so my whole family was here and my late wife's family as well. It was extremely emotional for everyone, because it was the first birthday since my wife's been gone.

"The boys (10yro and 9yro) started fighting again and I asked them both to calm down and behave. My son started crying and told me his cousin teased him about him not having a mom. I choked up and asked my nephew if that was true, and he said yes, but that he's sorry.

"I figured I'd have a proper talk with him and my sister after the party, so I just told him what he said was really awful and he cannot say it again."

He claims he comforted his son and they went back to the party, but his sister refused to let things slide.

"Before we cut the cake, my sister came yelling at me, saying I had no [business] disciplining her child. I told her to drop it and we'll talk later, instead she said 'besides, he's right, kids need a mom'.

"I had tears in my eyes by that time and she just said 'see, it's even turning you into a pu**y'. My in-laws were crying, I was tearing up, the kids were upset, just awful. I told her to stop it and just leave me and the kids and the family to cut the cake and we will talk in the evening. She said 'listen we both lost our spouses, but at least I'm still a normal person'.

"She stormed off. After the party I told her she has 2 days to pack her s*** and leave. She is begging me not to throw her out, because she and her kid will be homeless," he added.

The post, shared on Thursday, has amassed more than 15,000 upvotes, and can be read here, as people backed the dad's decision.

However in comments, he sought to clarify he had ensured his nephew had a place to stay, adding: "My nephew still has a dad who has part of the custody, he has weekends and every fourth week or something. He can live with his father."

The homeowner also clarified: "My kids went for a sleepover with my in-laws (which was already planned) and if my sister isn't gone by the time they come back, we'll go to a hotel. They won't share a house with her for one more minute."

Zeta8345 commented: "Your wife died! That's significantly different from being divorced. Good job protecting your children from her poisonous attitude. And crying due to grief is hardly being a p$ssy so good on you for showing your boys that."

YukariYakum0 wrote: "He's also nice enough to give her 2 days. I'd have told her she was out before dinner. And no cake for the little brat."

BourbonSommelier said: "Nicer than me, too, as I would have told her to leave that moment, not in two days. F her."

Either_Coconut thought: "You would think she could find some compassion for the person who is giving her a roof over her and her son's head. You would think. Unfortunately, she apparently fell out of the AH tree and hit every branch on the way down."

EmergencyS*** reckoned: "It's also important to teach them boundaries and self-respect. I think you did a great job here."

Crystallz2000 advised: "This. OP, get this toxic woman away from you. I can see why her husband is divorcing her. Get her out and never look back. She and her son are going to screw up the life you're trying to rebuild."

P3ngwin pointed out: "So her husband is still alive, and yet she had the nerve to say "we both lost a spouse"??"

While Smulch added: "A boundary was not just crossed, it was nuked. I wouldn't want to talk to that person again, ever."

Newsweek reached out to JuanitaaRodriguez for comment.