Man Marrying Neighbor Ex-Wife Accused Him of Cheating With Divides Opinion

A recently divorced woman has been left wondering if her suspicions over her ex-husband were valid after learning he has become engaged to a neighbor she previously accused him of cheating on her with.

It's a situation that has left her torn, especially as her lack of trust ended up being the grounds for her ex to file for divorce.

Many on social media appear divided over her predicament with some suspecting he was having an affair all along, while others are of the opinion he is simply moving on.

Trust is the bedrock of a healthy marriage and a symbolic declaration of commitment. According to Pew Research, 84 percent of married adults trust that their partner will be faithful to them, compared with 71 percent of cohabiting adults.

For the woman writing as bmondgend on Reddit, the trust in her marriage began to wane after 10 years together. At the time, she suspected he was cheating on her "with a woman who lived down the street" called Jen.

A woman and a newly engaged couple.
Stock images of a woman and a newly engaged couple. A woman has been left torn over her ex-husband's decision to marry the woman he was accused of having an affair with. Getty

Her suspicions were raised when she noticed her number pop up on the "recent calls" on his phone "quite a few times" and that he was texting her "multiple times" throughout the week.

When she confronted him about her concerns, he revealed he had been working extra hours to pay for an extension to their house and was planning to reveal this to her on their 10th anniversary.

"The conversations with Jen were him coordinating with her watching the kids while both of us were working while the daycare was closed," she wrote. "The phone calls/video calls were him checking on the kids."

The husband went on to further verify this by showing her bank account records, emails to the builder and even screenshots of the messages between him and Jen. However, it should be noted that he acknowledged many of the messages sent had been deleted.

Despite apologizing to him over the accusations, her husband said he "felt incredibly hurt" and needed "space" from her. He ended up moving into the spare room and then the basement. While he was normal around their children, the woman said he began being "strange and distant" with her.

"After a few weeks of that he officially asked for a divorce," she wrote. "I asked if we could do couples therapy first, and he said that there was no point since I didn't trust him."

Though he did eventually agree to couples therapy, the session did not go well, with the husband stating that his wife's lack of trust "hurt his self confidence" and he wasn't sure it was something he could "repair" while he was still with her. She eventually agreed to a divorce, with the husband also buying her out of the family home.

Fast forward a few months, and the woman, who now lives in her own house nearby so she can see the kids, learned from a friend that her ex-husband had started dating Jen.

"At first my ex insisted that she was still just helping with the kids, but after four months he admitted they were dating," she said. "Once the extension was done she moved in and yesterday he asked her to marry him." Though she insisted she was "happy for him" she did acknowledge feeling "shocked" and "resentful" at how things played out.

For some on social media, it was all a little too convenient.

Ftrade44456 was among those convinced the ex-husband "was actually cheating on her" the whole time.

"He didn't get caught per se but maybe he knew it would probably be only a matter of time so he decided to end it quickly before he officially got caught," they said.

"Just because the other stuff was going on too doesn't mean he wasn't also cheating on her or at the very least interested and pursuing her."

Advstra was not so sure, commenting: "Maybe not cheating necessarily, but it sounds like he already had some feelings."

TulkasRouser felt ultimately the relationship was likely a consequence of the woman's behavior. "If she was already happy to be helpful with the children, you were regularly in contact, and had an attractive personality... if your relationship fell apart that would be a pretty logical person to try dating," they said.

Asphyxious7 agreed, dubbing it "a case of self-fulfilling prophecy"

Tsme_toddkraines was not so sure though, writing: "They divorced LAST YEAR and he's already asked his new girlfriend to marry him? That's ... suspiciously quick if there was truly nothing going on."

S3rndpt was similarly suspicious, commenting: "He moved on AWFULLY fast after the accusations, and most decent people would be very understanding about how suspicious it looked."

Newsweek has contacted bmondgend for comment.