Man Armed With Megaphone Confronts Neighbor Who Let Dog Poop in His Yard in Viral Video

Hilarious footage has surfaced online of a man confronting his neighbor after she let her dog defecate on his front lawn.

Dog mess is a familiar and all-too-frustrating problem for many homeowners, some of whom often find themselves targeted by local canines and their absent-minded owners.

However, one man was able to exact some modicum of revenge on a repeat offender.

In a clip shared to Reddit by Hairguy_Blonde, viewers saw how the man had become a target for one particular neighbor and their pet pooch.

As the video begins, the dog can clearly be seen defecating on his property.

But, as the footage shows, when the dog and their owner came back a few days later to repeat the trick, the resident was ready and waiting.

The minute the canine began doing his business in the familiar spot, the man let off an air horn that startled both the dog walker and her pet pooch.

Though they tried to beat a hasty retreat, the man of the house was not about to let this go unnoticed, emerging on his front porch with a megaphone to berate the woman over her dog's actions.

"Clean up your dog poop!" he bellows into the megaphone. "Excuse me ma'am? Hey you! Clean up your dog poop!"

"Stop letting your dog poop on my lawn," he adds. "I have you on video. Come pick up this nice pile of s*** that your dog left in my yard." The man tells his neighbor he has been waiting for her to return for "two days" and brands her behavior "disgusting."

"I have children here," he tells the woman as she bends down to remove the feces. "That's your dog. Please pick it up." Though the woman tries to respond back and justify her actions, the man is unmoved, simply shouting over her, repeatedly, "please pick up after your dog."

He thanks her for picking up the feces before urging her to get off his property.

First posted to the Trashy subreddit of Reddit, the post has earned over 15,000 upvotes, with dog owners and non-dog owners alike united in their praise of the man's response. "Love it," Casual_Importance wrote. "As a dog owner pick up your dog's s*** it makes us all look bad when you don't." The_Quackening agreed: "Nothing ruins dog ownership more than other sh**** dog owners."

Silly_Rabbit got the impression the woman and her dog had "been doing this for awhile" with Kasperblack commenting: "Public humiliation is a beautiful thing when used correctly." Sevnfold, meanwhile, was shocked that the woman "had bags" to clean up the poop "but didnt use them in the first place" while LuckilyLuckier felt "bad for the dog."

"He doesn't know better obviously," they wrote. "The owner of the dog made him look like he made a mistake. Hope the dog is treated well."

Newsweek has contacted Hairguy_Blonde for comment on the video.

Dog poop may be a source of much amusement to the juvenile-minded among us but it's far from a laughing matter.

According to Susan Freinkel from Live Science, "Dogs can harbor lots of viruses, bacteria and parasites—including harmful pathogens like e coli, giardia and salmonella."

Yet, despite this, Freinkel found in one survey that just 60 percent of dog owners said they pick up after their pets. Of the 40 percent who don't pick up dog mess, the excuses ranged from "because eventually it goes away," to it being "too much work."

Pets and neighbors have been known to clash. One man recently began ignoring his elderly neighbor's pleas for help with day-to-day tasks after he threatened his dog.

Another woman, meanwhile, went viral with the claim that her neighbor ate her cat.

A man, a megaphone and a dog.
Stock images of a man with a megaphone and a defecating dog - a video of a man chastising his neighbor for letting their dog poop in his yard has gone viral. AaronAmat/cpjanes/Getty