Man Bizarrely Finds Plant Growing Out of the Plug Hole in His Bathroom Sink

While most of us love houseplants and lust over interiors filled with lush leaves, it's hard keeping them alive.

From over to underwatering, we all feel like bad plant parents when we have to throw away yet another shriveled flower.

But one man couldn't believe his eyes after a plant began growing out of the plug hole of his bathroom sink.

The man, named Kodiakcave online, shared a clip to TikTok, revealing the bizarre new addition to his household.

Kodiak said: "Me vibing knowing there's a random unknown plant growing from my sink. I also use my sink and brush my teeth everyday. How did it even survive all that?"

He filmed the shoot, which has two leaves so far, sticking out of one side of the plug, and so far it's a mystery what type of plant it is.

The clip, shared on May 12, has blown up on the social media site racking up more than a million views.


Update: I got it Timothy out 🥰 and also @lush thanks for the little plant in my sink. I love it #fyp

♬ original sound - Kodiak

Kodiak, from Ohio, shared a follow-up clip, where he captioned a very dead plant "my potted houseplant," before switching to the one in the plug, saying "my bathroom sink plant."

Thousands of people commented on the plant, as Kodiak asked: "What should I name it? Any suggestions."

And despite calls to let the plant grow out of his sink, Kodiak confirmed: "I'm going to try to pull it out and replant it."

After receiving numerous name suggestions, in the follow-up video the proud plant owner revealed he's settled on a title.

"It's name is Timothy btw," he added.

And in response to someone saying "life finds a way," Kodiak added "it sure does."

People have speculated how a plant was managing to grow in such an environment, with Keebz pointing out: "Omg it's giving me the plant from Wall-e vibes."

Alex thought: "That's its sink now."

David Covarrubias thought: "It looks like a bean sprout."

"Omg this is my new obsession please let it keep growing lol," Maddymadds asked.

Although Eve reckoned: "That's gonna be expensive."

Evy commented: "It's pretty cute you should keep it."

Agreeing, Rayne said: "I want a plant in my sink."

In an apparent attempt to shed light on the reason behind the growth, Aubrey Arnold explained: "It's growing in biofilm. The bacteria and fungus from your mouth and hands ends up stuck in the j-bend and creates a black mushroomy goo."

According to Nature, a biofilm is "clusters of microorganisms that stick to non-biological surfaces, such as rocks in a stream, as well as to surfaces on plants (roots) or in animals (epithelium)."

Kodiak was suitably horrified, as he replied "wait what." He later revealed the seed came from a Lush soap bar.

Update 6/08/21 10:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include pictures, video and additional information.

The plant growing out of a sink
A snap of the plant a man found growing out of the plug in his bathroom sink, which he uses every day. @kodiakcave