Man Quits $100K Job to Work for Logan Paul, Weeps as He's Turned Down

Logan Paul left a TikTok personality in tears recently, when he rejected the TikToker's plea for employment—after he had quit his $100,0000-a-year job to work for the star.

Austin Wallace, who has more than 137,000 followers on his TikTok account under the name @aj_wallace69, shared video footage of himself approaching Paul, after driving across his home state of Ohio to meet him in Cleveland.

Wallace was able to finagle his way backstage at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse arena on Sunday, following Paul's boxing match against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley, who he beat in a split decision.

But a dream opportunity soon turned into a nightmare for Wallace, when he was, in no uncertain terms, rejected by fellow Ohio native Paul.

Introducing the footage in his video, Wallace struggled to conceal his emotions as he said: "I just talked to Logan Paul... Before I approached him, he was bragging about making $3 million. I make $100,000 a year. I'm 22, I do make $100,000, that's cool. And I wanna act, I wanna do these things...

"I'm having a breakdown right now... I don't know what to do. I did come up here by myself. I do have family, but we're not the closest, and I don't have really close friends. You know, there's millions of people trying to do what I'm trying to do..."

After weeping a little more, Wallace then showed the footage in which he was seen telling YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul: "I quit my job, legit, two days ago. I came up here and took a risk. I'm originally from Ohio."

He then told Paul: "I just need to talk to you.... I'm trying to talk about business, I'm trying to talk about [getting] a job. I wanna do media."

"So you've really got what it takes?" Paul asked Wallace, to which he responded: "I don't."

"Then why would I give you a job? Why would I do that?" Paul, brother of Jake Paul, said.

Paul then told Wallace: "I can't be a mentor right now. I'm a f***-up myself. I need a mentor, you know what I'm saying? Go make content, make stuff with your friends."


Well here’s the end result with Jake’s brother Idk what to do at this point.

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After refusing to believe Wallace's assertion that he doesn't have any friends, Paul went on: "I'm glad you quit your job, it takes balls to do that, but now you gotta activate. I'm not the guy directly. My team is [gestures something very small with hand]—we're locked. Life isn't about handouts, you've gotta work.

"If you really are serious about it, you should move to L.A. and just like you approached me, start making connections with every single person in L.A. I'm serious, that's it. I've always said, if you can talk to someone, you can make it in L.A."

Wallace's video has been viewed over 12 million times and received at least 1.5 million likes. After becoming the target of relentless mockery when the video was shared across social media, Wallace returned to TikTok with another video in which he appeared happy to have taken the risk—even though it didn't pay off.

"Money is nothing compared to your dreams," he said as he sat in his car. "Did I look pathetic? Maybe to you. But what I saw, what I felt like—I had some f****** balls, unlike some people that would never, ever confront Logan Paul.

"If you don't have the opportunity, there's probably good reason why you don't have the opportunity—because you've never tried. Everybody is commenting. You know what? I see it and I don't really care."

In a YouTube video uploaded on Thursday, Wallace—who said that he had driven 12 miles to meet with Paul—claimed that he had got his job back.

"I failed but there is definitely a silver lining coming," said Wallace, who works as a welder.

Logan Paul and Austin Wallace
(L-R) Logan Paul left fan Austin Wallace in tears recently, when he rejected the TikToker's plea for employment, after he quit his own $100,000-a-year job to work for the star. Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images/Austin Wallace/TikTok