Man Gets Revenge On Roommate With 'Inappropriate' Edit To CV In Viral Post

A job hunter has been left ruing the decision to let his roommate proofread his CV before sending it off to multiple prospective employers.

When it comes to applying for jobs, attention to detail matters. According to a 2018 study conducted by careers website Ladders, Inc. recruiters spend around 7.4 seconds reviewing the average CV before making a decision about the candidate.

So, not only should each and every resume be tailored towards the role being applied for, they should also be well formatted and error free with recruiters likely to pass should they spot even the slightest mistake.

However, in the case of the story one man shared to Reddit's "Today I F***ed Up" subreddit, it was a little more extreme than that.

Writing in a post upvoted over 20,000 times, the would-be job hunter explained how earlier this week he finally finished updating his CV when his roommate suggested he use some software he had to make it "look attractive and professional."

"He gave me his log in details so that I didn't have to pay any subscription fee," the man wrote. "At the time I thought it was cool of him. Total bro move."

He said the programme made his CV "look great" and he was "more than happy with the outcome." However, before exporting it, his roommate suggested he "proofread it first."

"In fact, he insisted," the man wrote. "I didn't mind at all. On the contrary, I encouraged it. His feedback was nothing but positive. And with that stamp of approval, I exported my CV and sent it to the relevant companies."

The man said it didn't take long for him to get a response and recalled thinking "damn, that was quick" as he excitedly opened the email they sent him.

His excitement soon gave way to horror though, as he read their reply, which branded his CV "unprofessional and grossly inappropriate" and advised him to "never contact them again."

Confused at their reply, the man decided to read through the CV to see if he could spot the issue. It didn't take him long to find it. Written under the section headed "hobbies" were the words "enjoy's f***ing other people's b*****s"

Though he said the discovery was "a shock to the system" at first, he soon realized it "made complete sense" given what had transpired between him and his roommate.

"I had sex with my roommate's girlfriend on new year's eve," he wrote. "She was his ex at the time and we were drunk, which is no excuse...I apologized to my roommate the next morning and not only did he accept my apology, he gave his blessing for me to hook up with her again."

He said his roomy "seemed really sincere" at the time and he thought everything was fine between them. However, he did note that his roommate has since gotten back together with his ex and he now thinks it's "safe to say" things "ain't right between us at all."

His roommate has stopped answering calls or messages, leaving the man feeling "angry and betrayed."

But while many on social media felt he only had himself to blame for how things turned out, it wasn't for the reasons you would necessarily assume. Most were more shocked he failed to check his CV again.

"Dude. You didn't read it before you sent it out???" Lol1015 asked. PreferredSelection agreed, writing: "Who sends off a CV without reading it?"

Kyetsi continued on a similar theme, commenting: "Whenever I send a cv I always open the document to double and triple check I haven't missed anything and that it's updated."

Evonebo said his big mistake was "getting a document back and not tracking the changes to see what was updated" adding "if I was hiring, that's a red flag."

Responding to the criticism, the original poster replied: "I suppose if I'm dumb enough not to double check my CV, then I deserve getting rejected. Lesson learned."

Others, like Annasman, urged him to get back on the horse and start job hunting again. "Change the formatting of your name, shuffle up the CV a little bit, use a different email and resend it in about 2 weeks," they advised.

"Aside from chuckling or getting unreasonably upset most HR departments aren't going to remember you, and if you reformat your name they might think you're not necessarily the same guy."

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

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