Man Shocks Internet by Rotating His Head 180 Degrees in Baffling Video

There are many incredible videos shared on TikTok—some make us laugh, others make us cry, but a rare few leave us stumped by something that just shouldn't be possible.

Recent footage, posted to the video-sharing app by @sheaabutt00, shows a man turning his head right round so that he can look straight behind him. It's painful to watch and probably best not to try it at home.

In the clip, the man, who is wearing a red shirt and black shorts, is seen standing outside a bar. He proceeds to put one of his hands under his chin, and the other on the back of his head, before pushing his head round 180 degrees, like an owl.

After that, he simply turns it back around, pulling his head back easily into its natural position.

A voice can be heard in the background of the video, yelling: "Oh s***! I need a drink. I need a drink."

The video is captioned: "Party trick! #duet if you can do this."

TikTok issued a warning underneath the clip that reads: "The actions in this video are performed by professionals or supervised by professionals. Do not attempt."

Speaking to LadBible, Dr Simran Deo explained that this can only be done by "very few people" safely because they have "hypermobile joints or connective tissue disorders."

She said: "This is when the muscles, ligaments and tendons are more stretchy meaning that joints can bend further than they would in people without these conditions.

"Overall though this is not something to try to do as it could lead to paralysis or a reduced blood supply to the head and neck leading to a stroke."


party trick! #duet if you can do this

♬ Original sound - Sheabutt

The shocking footage has since gone viral online, having surpassed more than 3.3 million views, and garnered 12,400 shares.

It has also been liked 53,600 times and many have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the difficult risky manoeuvre.

One TikTok user, Valo Arrendo, wrote: "I need a drink after that."

Another person, QQ2D2, added: "I can do that... but I'll be dead afterwards."

Michael Lyter joked: "My dudes a human owl."

Frank typed: "Going to spend the rest of my summer trying to do this."

Briyitiful commented: "Oh gosh... can't believe I'm saying this, but.... let's see from behind."

Jay Erakat asked: "How did he even discover he has this talent. Like what was he trying to do?"

An account by the name of Momma aint raise no... exclaimed: "I've seen this in movies. Run."

Man looking at phone in shock
A stock image of a man looking at his phone with a shocked expression. In the TikTok video, many online were left open-mouthed when a man rotated his head. Getty Images

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