Man Teaches Cat to 'Laugh' in Hilarious Viral Video

A man has seemingly taught his pet cat to copy him and laugh like a human, posting the evidence in a TikTok video that has gone viral.

In the footage, added to the video-sharing app by Mason Glaso, known online as @maseplace, a ginger cat can be seen copying its owner by laughing in an eerily similar manner.

The clip begins with Glaso telling viewers: "Guys, I taught my cat to laugh. Okay ready? Hold on." He then proceeds to say "Can I get a 'ha ha'?"

Remarkably, the feline then opens its mouth and mimics the sounds.

He then says "Ha ha haaa," and the cat again copies, before finally trying "hahaha," which is echoed by his pet once more.

The footage was posted on May 28 and has since gone viral online, having received more than 24.2 million views and surpassed 7.5 million likes.

Many rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the video.

One TikTok user, Anna Leah Pasigna, wrote: "I watched it many times."

Another person, Kara_Carrot, added: "That laugh kills me."

Olivia typed: "I've got so much cat training to do."

Anthony Jimenez commented: "That's adorable."

Leticia Delarosa stated: "Wow I have failed my cats! I just got a new kitten it's over!!"

An account holder known as user3432256917613 asked: "Hello? Where can I get a cat like that?"

And if funny felines are what you like to read about, this heartwarming clip of a cat and a baby deer playing together is a must-see.

On May 11, the footage was shared to TikTok by Taylor Hoff, known online as taylorhoff08.

In the clip, the pair nuzzle up together, with the pet at one point wrapping his tail around the fawn.

The duo then touch noses, clearly getting acquainted with one another, in a scene that appears to have been lifted right out of a wholesome cartoon.

Hoff captioned the video, writing: "new Disney movie: the cat and the deer. #lewisthedeer #walterthecat #fyp."

Additionally, this clip of a white cat learning to pant in order to copy its canine friends is absolutely adorable.

The video was posted on May 17, by user @eugeniozbbz12, along with the caption: "A cat becomes a dog #pet #cat #dog #catanddog #catlover #dogsoftiktok."

It has been viewed by 13.7 million people and received over 3.2 million likes.

Man with cat on his shoulders
A stock image of a man with a cat sitting on his shoulders. In a recent TikTok video a cat has been taught to laugh just like its owner. Getty Images