Cat 'Becomes a Dog' by Copying Its Behavior in Adorable Video

Typically, cats and dogs are bitter rivals. However, try telling that to the fluffy feline in a recent TikTok video, who was so impressed by its canine companions that it decided to copy them.

In the footage, posted by user @eugeniozbbz12, a kitten can be seen sitting between the front legs of a husky, with another dog sat beside them.

Both dogs are panting to cool down in the heat, and the kitten looks at them perplexed.

The young cat then decides to open its mouth, clearly trying to emulate the bigger animals, but with not much success because its tongue is not visible.

Text overlaying the footage is written as the kitten's inner monologue and reads: "They lie down like me. That's a long tongue.

"Why do stick your tongue out? Do I have to stick out my tongue like them?"

The video then cuts to all three pets in the same position, but the kitten has grown into a cat, and the dogs look older.

Remarkably, the cat is still sat between the husky's legs but is now panting with its tongue out. The text reads: "It's a really hot day. Completely turned into a dog."

The video was posted on May 17 along with the caption: "A cat becomes a dog #pet #cat #dog #catanddog #catlover #dogsoftiktok."

So far it has been viewed by 12.6 million people and received over 3 million likes. Many took to the comments section to share their views on the adorable footage.

One TikTok user, known as B, wrote: "Cat was like idk what ur doing but u look really cool."

Another person, SomeRandoChick, added: "My cat was raised with dogs. When I moved out and brought her with me she would run to the front door and growl when she heard people outside."

A.blegen.93 typed: "Cats mirroring dogs. This is excellent. Cats just love being part of what's going on. They're fast learners."

While user5721014884151 commented: "Aww so cute! I saw a TikTok video a while ago with a cat panting. They took the cat to the vet to be told he's imitating the dog! lol."

Additionally, if unlikely feline friendships are what you like hearing about, this heartwarming clip of a cat and a baby deer playing together is sure to lift your mood.

The video was posted to TikTok on May 11 by Taylor Hoff, known online as taylorhoff08.

In the footage, the two nuzzle up together, with the black fluffy feline at one point curling his tail around the fawn.

The pair then touch noses, clearly getting to know each other, in a scene that appears to be straight out of a wholesome cartoon.

Hoff captioned the video: "new Disney movie: the cat and the deer. #lewisthedeer #walterthecat #fyp."

A cat and a dog
A stock image of a cat and a dog sat side by side. In the TikTok video a cat hilariously copied the behavior of his canine companion. Getty Images

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