Man Secretly Taking Jobless Fiancée's Card to Spoil Older Brother Dragged

A man has been slammed by the internet for secretly taking his girlfriend's credit card to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of Amazon items for his brother.

In a post shared on Reddit on Wednesday, the man's girlfriend, who goes by the username u/QueasyChest4437, explained that a couple of years ago her brother-in-law left their hometown and moved to Mississippi to follow his heart and be with a woman he met on the internet, and when their romance didn't work, he got into financial trouble.

So, while she was working at the hospital 70 hours a week, her boyfriend, who was at the time a stay at home dad, taking care of their three children, started sending his brother money and paying for things like hotel stays and food, using his girlfriend's money.

Once she noticed money was missing and confronted him, he admitted he was supporting his brother, and she thinks he does it out of guilt for being their father's favorite while his brother was hated and humiliated.

Fast-forward to two months ago, while her boyfriend was on the phone with his brother in another room, she walked in and caught him with her credit card, paying "over $400 worth of s**t", including books, board games, playing cards, etc, "nothing that he needed."

Further down in the post, which has so far reached over 11,200 upvotes and over 110 comments, she also explained that because of cuts at the hospital where she worked, she lost her job and is currently unemployed, but she recently got a good-sized tax return and her boyfriend has now started working.

When she confronted him about the credit card, her boyfriend answered with an attitude and said: "my brother has nothing to f***ing do and this is the only way I can help" and that she should be willing to help since she got a lot of money from the tax return. "I still said no. He is now saying I am a controlling [a**hole]."

Couple arguing over money
A man has been slammed by the internet for taking secretly taking money from his girlfriend to spoil his brother. A stock image shows a couple arguing over money. Getty Images

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The internet virtually unanimously sided with the woman. One user, queensilence4, said: "NTA, I'd be getting a new card and lock down the old one. Change passwords, everything. If your fiancé can't be responsible, then leave."

MajorNoodles commented: "I would stop using a debit card entirely. Credit cards offer much better protection against fraudulent purchases."

"Well, changing the fiancé would've been a better option, had there been no kids, don't you think?" Admirable_Plantain57 said.

Other users suggested reevaluating her relationship. Johnny9k said: "NTA - You need to have a hard talk with your husband. He needs to stop this behavior or you walk. That money could have been put towards your kids' future instead of giving it to your BIL to set on fire. If he can't see the error in his ways, it's a marriage ender." And chloecoolcat corrected them: "Not even husband yet! Fiancé! This is straight theft!"

User Glitter_is_a_neutral found another problem with the boyfriend's behavior. "He's literally taking from his own kids to give to his brother. This is 100 percent how she needs to put it when talking to him about the issue. That $400 you spent on your brother's non-essential entertainment could have been $133 in a college fund for each of your kids."

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