Man Shares Plate of Food With Bird in Adorable Video

After months of coronavirus restrictions, many of us are eager to make new friends and even take them out for dinner. However, when one man was filmed sharing his food with a stranger, it wasn't who you might expect.

In footage posted to Instagram by user Megharaj Desale, known online as @desalemegharaj, a man can be seen eating a meal opposite a small black bird, who is feeding from the same plate.

The man, who is wearing a checked shirt and sitting at a red table, is eating rice and curry while also portioning out some grains for the bird to enjoy. The two appear to be enjoying each other's company in silence.

Text overlaying the heartwarming video reads: "Dad," along with a string of emojis.

The footage, which was shared on May 21, is captioned: "#mydad #pappa #animallovers #birds #devmanus."

The clip has been liked more than 285,000 times, and many viewers have left comments applauding the man for his generosity.

One Instagram user, bharath_bk_07, wrote: "Bird selected a good hearted man he is a good man."

Another person, dk___guru___, added: "Nice bro this great."

Sachin2157 typed: "So good to see this."

A use called vicky92cricketlovers____ declared the father in the video "the man of integrity."

Kunal_dhavale commented: "your dad is a real hero."

Newsweek has contacted Megharaj Desale for comment.

In other news of humans looking out for their feathered friends, a video recently went viral that showed a gaggle of geese crossing a highway as drivers waited patiently.

The clip, shared to TikTok by @fit_sasha, shows a traffic jam building on the three-lane highway.

A closer look reveals what's causing the hold-up: a family of geese are waddling across the lanes in single file.

The clip, which was shared to the app on May 31, was filmed in the northern English city of Manchester.

It has been watched more than 78.9 million times and garnered more than 9.2 million likes.

Many TikTok users commented on the sweet scene, with one, Liam J, writing: "Wow faith in humanity has been restored."

Another person, Joslyn, posted: "The world revolved around them for sure. They are the main characters."

Ash commented: "Yes, y'all because stopping for a couple of minutes truly impacts your whole day. Please. Any life is worth saving over saving a minute."

A person with the name user380655247137 typed: "That's good human beings you'll be respect."

Bonci stated: "Just amazing love kind people."

A bird eating some food
Stock image of a bird eating. In the Instagram video, a man can be seen sharing his meal with a bird. Getty Images