Man Shares Recipe for Starbucks' Discontinued Salted Caramel Mocha

If you are a fan of Starbucks' salted caramel mocha you may be disappointed to know that you can't buy it this fall.

However, all hope is not yet lost. This is because coffee roaster Dan McLaughlin, known on TikTok as Softpourn, has taken to the app to share his recipe on how to create the sweet yet salty beverage.

The video, which was shared to the app on August 24, has already surpassed a whopping 20 million views and can be watched here.

McLaughlin assembles the drink in a glass mug, explaining: "Here's how to make the salted caramel mocha since it is not coming back this year.

"The salted caramel mocha had chocolate and toffee nut in it, but toffee nut is kind of hard to come by. Good thing it is literally just caramel and hazelnut combined."

He then pours the syrups on top of the chocolate, following the official Starbucks recipe, before explaining: "So, about an ounce of chocolate then a half ounce of hazel and caramel each.

"Add you espresso, give it a good mixing to melt that chocolate then you're going to add your milk."


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The drink looks creamy and delicious, but McLaughlin also reveals an iced version is possible, saying: "I'm doing a hot version of this drink, but if you want a cold one just add ice and don't steam the milk.

"Once you're done with that toss some caramel on top and I know what you're thinking: what about that salt topping?

"Well, I don't know how to tell you but this it is literally just salt and sugar, that's all that's in it."

The instructional clip has been liked a staggering four million times, and many people have rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the method.

One TikTok user, Dania, wrote: "Wait why did I not know toffee nut was hazelnut and caramel?"

Another person, Thunderella, added: "I am begging you for the passion tea lemonade recipe. I've tried so many dupes and nothing comes close. Pleeeease."

Sam George revealed: "Bestie my Starbucks doesn't even have hazelnut."

James Amabile typed: "I don't want to go to work today, I work at starbucks and I'm going to have to make so many drinks."

Juliette Ebner stated: "The salted caramel mocha is really the only reason I still went to Starbucks."

Kayliboyle admitted: "I'm so mad at them for getting rid of this."

Nyxnyssa commented: "What a way to learn my favorite drink isn't coming back, but also what a way to learn how to make it now. Bless u."

Starbucks cups in store
A stock image of Starbucks coffee cups. On TikTok a man has released his recipe for recreating the brand's salted caramel mocha. Stephen Chernin/Getty Images